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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Тип документа : Solution Всего страниц : Текущая : full

Солюшен не мой, а с какого-то сайта.
Только он на английском - русского не нашел.

DARK EARTH THE SOLVE Well, here I am for a new solve of a really great game.
Like ever I remember you that my solve it's only a way ,not the only way for
complete the game, and probably you can do more things. Tips of the
day: 1) It's really better to do the maximum install if you don't have
a 8-10x/cd(ok 300mg are a lot but if you can ,do it.) 2) Remember that the
Tab key changes the behaviour of Arkhan .(Aggessive= black
calm=wight) 3) Like you saw you can save only in some place , I will
tell you when. 4) Try to fight only with swords , you will need a lot of gun
power at the end of the game. 5) Remember to examine the body of your
victims ,for finding some thing useful. 6) You can kill everybody so keep
attention. 7) I suggest to use my solve only if you are stuck ,cause you
will lose a lot of the story of the game if you follow point after point the
way I put down. Chapter 1 (the beginning) So after waking up take the meat
near the bad ,and the uniform , and the sword.(tip: here is the first
place where you can save your game) Speak with Kalhi, then go to the door
,someone is knocking , is Zed. Outside you can follow Zed upstairs for
training (do it , it's a good way for prepare your self to all the next
battle.) Then go to the door where the solder is and speak to him he will
make you enter and you will first meet Dhorkan ,get the orders and go out
,then downstairs. There you can speak with 2 solders ,go on and near the end
of the hall you will find an other place for save your game. Outside turn
left , you will see your father and Lory speak ,then enter the building
(it's the temple), and speak with Jedar, go on the other side of the
door,(your guard place) and after some moment, you will hear some noise
inside the room ,it's time for your first fight, (so press c) and kill the
scum. Chapter 1 (the infection) Be quick or be dead, kill the guardian ,and
then speak with Thanandar, take the axe of the dead guardian, and go out.
Enter the door behind , there is Rylsadhar ,(Arkhan Father) speak with him,
he will tell you about the crypt that Thanandar have mentioned . After Kalhi
will enter, speak with her. Look under the bed, take the paper and examine
it.(notice the lock on the wall , but that's an other story.)Look on the
shelves and take the flask. Go out and upstairs, listen to the dialogue,
enter the temple and go into the same room where you have the fight, (notice
that near the door on the left is a save game platform), go upstairs and
enter the second door on the left. Speak with the archivist , then look at
the book, near it there is a mechanism , use the paper you find in Rylsidhar
room on it, then take the key, near the door take a book. Go outside,
downstairs and out in the main hall. Go round the big telescope and up the
small stairs, use the key on it, the go down and move the lever .(small
movie) Go inside the open room an look at the bottom of the crystal (some
thing is missing). So now go outside the temple and in the Guardian of Fire
building, save game when you enter, speak with Garu, and Teskan, then go
upstairs , kill Muldar the guard in front of Dhorkan door), then enter,
speak with Dhorkan. Go outside and on the other side of the hall. Search
around the case on this floor , and you will find the key for unlock most of
the locked key. Go outside, and on the right ,open the door and go down to
the prison, (save the game ,if you can)and kill the guard, examine the guard
and use the key on the right door, now you can free Kalhi (she will now
follow you) go upstairs, open the door and go in the main hall, then
downstairs,kill the guard,(save game) and out of the building. Kalhi will
attract the guard near the elevator , then it's your turn, you must kill him
, but it's not easy cause the guard have a gun. When you're down follow
Kalhi to Danrys, and speak to him, and take the small-axe on the table. Go
out and speak with the man in the square, then on the other side you can
find a sort of metal palate ,take it, then go near the elevator and look
behind for the woman .You can exchange the flask For some meat. Time to go
again to the upper city, so take the elevator. Then to Thanandar. When you
enter the room save the game, then enter the room where Thanandar is, and
talk to him , Kill him and the zombie guard. Look on the table for the
pitcher ,on the body of Thanandar you will find a red key. Go out ,upstairs
and in the temple, enter the open door, and use the key in the slot under
the crystal. You have found the crypt, go down and touch the light. When you
come out from there use again the key under the crystal. Chapter 3 (lower
city) When you arrive go straight on there is a place where you can save
your game at the bottom of some Junk , then enter the door ,cross the metal
bridge and speak with the woman. Enter the bar look at the show. Then enter
the door and speak with Delia. When she ask for a present give here the
disk(mirror),and speak more with her. Go out and look on the table for the
flask. Speak with the man at the bar. Pass the door and save the game ,pass
the other door and go right ,you will arrive to a boat, enter it. Now it's
time to meet Armal and play yang. After speaking with Armal give him a
weapon , and start the play . What can i tell you about the game is that the
trick is to occupy the angle square, but it's not easy, the computer is
plays real good ,so when you play try to look more to the diagonal row ,and
close every move of the computer. If you win you will get information. Go
outside ,cross the bridge and then turn right ,jump into the water and enter
the sewer. Kill the two guard , and at the end go up stairs and save game.
Now things are going to be very hard. Watch the movie. Kill the guard again.
Go on , Kill the other 2 guards, then go left over the small bridge. Kill
the big guard and examine , take the key and open the gate, you will find
Zed. Watch movie , then fight Zed. Go out and return where the 2 guards
where, if you look where all the barrel are you will find a hilt. Enter the
door and you will meat Sordov The boss , what can I say : Kill him
,examine body, and use the key on the box , you will find the pact between
Dorkhan , Sordov and Thanandar.On a barrel you will find some meet.
Tip: it's not easy to kill all this people especially Zed and Sordov,
so after a fight you can return to the save point and to town for some food
if you need energy. After all, go outside the sewer and return to uptown.
Chapter 4 (The secret behind) Go into the Guardians building, and direct to
Dorkan's room. Speak with Phedoria at the entrance and give here the
document found in the sewers. Inside after that Dorkhan has escaped look on
the table ,you will find a small dagger, and a flask. Use the small dagger
into the slot in the wall near the secret door. Go in and then , down,
follow the way until you arrive to the lower city. Go to the place where you
can enter the sewers or go to the boat of Armal. Go the upper one. Kill the
scum who is fighting with Kalhi. Look at the door with a slot. Now let's go
to the upper city. When you're there go to the temple and where the crystal
is. You will meet Thanandar. Go down the crypt ad watch the dead of Arkhan
father. Now up ,and speak with Lory, then follow her. You will get the first
piece of the crystal key. Chapter 5 (The crystal key) After the chat with
Lory ,go outside the temple. Watch movie (really nice!!) Then go to the
tower of the constructors ,the entrance next tot he temple, speak with the
guard, kill him, then go up and speak with the 2 men , get the project and
ammo. Out and back in lower town . Go to the tower where you see the slot
and the strange door. Darkan is there ,fight him, and examine the body. Use
the metallic key on the door slot and enter. Look around , near the door you
will find a strange object. Go out and up the near stairs. Save , go along
the wall and at the end you will find 2 man fighting, kill the black one
Talk with the stranger and you get an helmet. Take the strange thing of
before to Danrys, he will tell you to show it to Bandor. Show the other part
of the key to him. Now go up town. Again in the constructor tower , try to
speak with them, but noting happen So take the project near the fire and use
it on fire. They will stop you , so now you know who the master constructor
is. Speak with him and when he want proves give him the key Lory gave to
you. Now back again in the lower city. And again to Danrys. Show the second
part of the key to him. The go again in the sewers. When you arrive to the
save point (save) and go down the stairs. Near the stairs that go underwater
use the metallic combination, and go down in the water. Follow the way ,
kill the water creature and go up at the end . You're in out world. Kill the
2 monsters, and turn around at the end of the path(around the rock , you
have to enter a bit the water.) Enter the cave and go up until a river ,kill
the water serpent , beside there are some green rocks, use Denrys small-axe
on it. Go up The stairs and talk with Leona. You will find out that if you
drink the river water you will fell better. Save game. Now all the way back
to Danrys. Show him the green rock. And now you have the key for the secret
room of Arkhan's father. Go into the upper city and into Arkhan father room.
Use the key in the slot. Inside take the paper, reed the book and on the
other desk look at the book ,you will find some paintings, and the key of
the central well. Go to the temple and go to speak to Lory. She is dead.
Chapter 6 (quest for master oiled) Go to the Guardian tower and up in the
second floor. Go outside where the prison door is. Enter the one on the left
and up stairs. Speak with the man, so now try to smash him. Ok now he will
speak, gave him the strange object you found in the room of before. Go out
and return after a wail . He will ask you to rescue Delia , the dancer. So
go to the bar in the lower city, speak with her and she will follow you. In
the bar you will meet the first monster, like ever kill him. Go again in the
upper city, enter the guardian tower, and kill again the monster. Now Delia
meet his love, and he will reward you with the object fixed. Chapter 7 (The
final conflict.) Go to the centre of the upper city to the well , use the
key on the well, then use the object of before on it. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.
Look at the screw, a peace is missing , so go down the stairs for Arkhan
father room ,at the base you will find the missing piece. Use it on the
screw then go on aggressive mode and jump. Watch the movie, of the long
fall. Now your more beast then men. Go on your right , cross two doors. The
second door now will turn. Now save your game. And let's start a tricky
part. First remember the paper of Arkhan father read it again, especially
the part: Runka son of the sun comes from sun (stars) for help us from
the threat of Shankar. So look at the lever and rebuild this story .Staring
from the left lever. Look at the picture simbols 1)Runka 2)Sun(opposite of
moon) 3)protect the right lever 1)opposite of the meteor 2)opposite of
protect 3)Shanka then pull the lever Save again . Now it's up to you. You
have to pass a labyrinth. All I can say I keep the right(he-he), timing is
all , avoid the blades. At the end load your gun ,and save. Watch the movie.
Then shoot Thanandar, and when he fall run to the portal. You can not kill
Thanandar but after 4-5 shot he falls ,and gave you the time for operate the
door mechanism. Look at the two lever, you can move it left or right. Move
the left one time left , a light will appear , go to the right lever and do
the same. Do it until you have lighted each of the 3 light in every door
side. During this when Thanandar gets up shoot him. At the end the door will
open. Final movie. That's all folks. A long ,long way!!! If something is
wrong ,or you have found something new please let me know. Tips: I know
that if you find a weapon project and you carry to Danrys he will make you a
special gun. You can produce you own ammo if you find some metal piece and
use it on the machine in the central room ,on the second floor of guardian
tower. And you will often find the yellow piece of the ammo in the lower

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