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Веселая ферма 3

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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

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You can stun them briefly with a Super Blast. Shoot the Vine Snake
directly across from you, then jump out into the middle of the
room and catch the ledge. Now shoot the snake hidden on the far
right and climb over and down.
Watch out for Balloon Worms. Wait for the worm to burst out near
you, then quickly shoot it and keep shooting! The other worms
should eventually follow out the same hole. There are three worms
to kill here. Don't move on until you have killed all three of
them. When you killed all tree of them, climb down.
In the next screen, start by kicking the seed into water, then
head to the left. Use a Super Blast to stun the Vine Snake, then
grow the seed and climb up. Push the boulder into the hole then
crawl out to the left. Kill the three Balloon Worms and then head
to the left and climb down the ledge. Jump into the water and swim
out through the small passage to the right. Keep going until you
reach the end. Push the boulder so it falls over. Quickly head
back to the left again to outrun the Piranha worms and climb up to
Make your way all the way back. Climb down the tree and and fire
two Super Blasts to your left. One to shatter the tree, one to
stun the Vine Snake. Jump over to get the seed and kick it out to
your right.
Kick the extra seed into the water. Now grow the tree on the
center platform and jump across. Climb up and jump again to the
next tree. Do a Super Blast straight up to get this seed. Kick it
off to your right. Do a Super Blast on the second platform and
jump into that tree. Climb up a little and shoot the seed at the
third and last platform. Jump into that tree and climb up. At the
top of the tree, jump to the left out of the tree. Shoot the Vine
Snake at the left. Climb a little more and stand at the black
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