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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: MDK2
Тип документа : Solution Всего страниц : Текущая : full

Mission 1: Kurt

The game begins as MDK began-with Kurt riding an energy stream
down to the
surface. Dodge the missiles and lasers that come zipping at you en
route to the
mine crawler. Keep moving-the missiles will lock on and target you
if you stay in
the same spot too long.

Checkpoint 1A

Once on the mine crawler, Dr. Hawkins helps you familiarize
yourself with Kurt's
controls with a short tutorial. Stay and learn if you are a
beginner. Otherwise,
snipe the lock ball in the door to open a passage. Move to the end
of the hall
and drop into the room below. At the end of the next hall is a
room barricaded on
one side by a glass. Through a small hole is a lounging alien
taunting you with a
target. Sniping the target will shatter the glass. Smoke the
now-exposed baddie
and proceed through the parting doors. Step through and drop into
the next
hallway. Track forward to a small platform above a large, open
room, snagging a
Dummy Decoy.

Look over the left side of the platform and explode the creature
generator. Float
down into the room (or ride the platforms down) and smoke the
aliens that spawned
before you destroyed the generator. Turn to face the wall with the
two platforms
and snipe the lock ball under the lower outcropping. This will
unlock the passage
above. Ride the fan stream up to the lower platform, grabbing the
Health if you
need it. Drop to the next hall and smoke the two Spheres of Death

Tip: In curved hallways such as this, you can get easy kills
on enemies who do
not charge. In this case, creep to the right side of the hall and
target the
sliver of enemy that shows. They won't be able to fire on you, but
you can take
them out with a consistent chain gun stream. If they get the idea
and start
pursuing, fall back and reset your shot.

Drop to the next hallway to reach Checkpoint B.

Checkpoint 1B

From the checkpoint, you'll see another set of circular sliding
doors. Behind it
are a pair of Dogan Boys and a Sphere. Move forward enough to open
the doors,
then, staying in the hallway, strafe back in the forth, peppering
the three
baddies with chaingun spray. Use the door as a blast shield if the
action gets
too rowdy. When the room is clear, collect the goodies from the
alcoves on each
side of the room: two helpings of Grenades and two +25
Healths. Then snipe the
lock ball and step into the next hall, dropping to another
corridor below. Around
the corner are mounted laser cannons. Run straight ahead to dodge
their fire.
This time, however, jump to the left before you drop into the
hallway below.
Here, you'll find another +25 Health. Jump across the gap (the
lasers can't reach
you here) and claim a Sniper Grenade.

Drop into a room separated by large, curved columns. Be carefuls.
There are two
Bifs here, armed with their signature energy staffs. Take them on
one at a time.
In other words, hang out near where you dropped in. To make it
easy on yourself,
use the cloak and set up a sniper shot on the first one.

Tip: There is a small eye that opens on each of the Bif's
belts. Target and fire
in Sniper Mode to score a one-shot kill.

If you don't want to use up your Cloak (you can use it later in
the Boss Fight),
strafe back and forth, firing on each Bif as you dodge his curving
energy blasts.
The second Bif will often get trapped behind the far pillar, his
energy blasts
simply pumping into the stone. If he doesn't get caught up, move
forward and
strafe back and forth until he drops. In the corner near the ramp,
grab a Super
Chaingun (handy against the Boss).

Mount the ramp and follow the path around. There is a +50 Health
here. On your
way back, locate the blue lock ball buried deep in the rounded
rock. Snipe it to
open the door at the bottom of the ramp. Head through and drop
down, eliminating
the Death Sphere that greets you in the ensuing corridor. Avoid
the laser at the
other end of the hall and enter a large, spherical chamber. Take
down the Spheres
here, then focus on the lock balls scattered around the room.

There are three to the left, easily sniped from your position on
the platform and
another to the right. As you move down the stone path to the
right, be wary of
the laser mounted behind you. Creep until you see the edge of it,
then take it
down with a single snipe. Just past the first bend in the path,
target the fifth
lock ball. Sniping the final central lock ball will activate a fan
near the
entrance to the room. Before you return to the top, grab the two
Homing Sniper
Shells in the bottom of the chamber.

Use the Ribbon Chute to float a looong way up. As you get near the
top, you will
reach Checkpoint C.

Checkpoint 1C

When you float up further, you'll find yourself on a platform in
stratosphere. Grab the Sniper Mortar and +25 Health from the
platform. The goal
here is to explode the huge, amber pod in the distance while
avoiding fire from
the alien craft that plague you.

Get into the center of the platform and enter into Sniper Mode.
Strafe back and
forth, avoiding fire from the spacecraft as you line up a shot on
the pod. The
object is to arch a Sniper Shell into the gap in the pod. Use the
inset window in
the upper right corner to measure the trajectory of your shot.
Shoot one round,
then adjust accordingly.

Tip: If you run out of Mortar Shells, more regenerate on each
of the subsequent
platforms, so don▓t be bashful. Take your shots.

The money shot will shatter the dome, exposing the enemies there.
A couple of
Dogan Boys will fall from the sky. Blast them before floating down
to the
platform. Once there, grab the pack of Grenades and line up a new
Mortar shot.
For this one, stand on the raised apron on the platform when you
line up the
shot. If you stand on the stone path, you won't have enough arch
on your shot. As
before, slay the Dogan Boys from this platform before proceeding.
When you've
taken them down, ride the air draft up and coast to the next
platform. Use the
Mortar again to bust the next dome, then ride up and coast over.
There is one
more glide to the weird-looking pipe structure in the distance.

Move around the perimeter of this platform, skirting the narrow
pass as you move
to your right. Midway around, you'll reach an opening. Head in and
snag the +25
Health here. Then track up the ramp, avoiding the laser cannons
mounted on the
ceiling, as you move to a room mirroring the one you just left.
Scarf the +25
Health and exit.

In the distance is a floating platform with a fan at its apex.
Coast over and use
the Chute to ride the draft up. This another long drift up, and
this one leads to
the Boss Battle.

Checkpoint 1D
Boss Battle:

This fight is all about the Sniper Mode. It seems pretty difficult
at first, but
is simply a matter of staying on the move. The arena you'll battle
in is on two
levels. If you have sufficient health entering the fight, you need
not even set
foot on the lower level. There is a +50 ham near the Checkpoint,
but wait to grab
it until you've taken some hits. If you need more Health as the
fight progresses,
you'll have to contend with the Dogans who patrol the lower level.

Where did these Dogan Boys come from, you ask? The floating
blue pod drops them
into the arena. Take it out with Sniper Mode. As long as the
floating lock-pod is
in the air, Dogan Boys will be part of the equation. However, if
you don't want
to waste time on this baddie-generator, you can ignore it and
concentrate on the
Boss. As long as you strafe (which you'll be doing anyway), the
dropped D-Boys
can't touch you.

The large ship's attack consists of blasts from the rotating blue
lasers. It's
shots are easily avoided while strafing. Take up a position just
in front of the
pit you floated in from. Enter Sniper Mode and stay mobile. You
can view your
position in the inset window in the upper right corner. Your first
targets are
the four lock balls in the center of the ship. Snipe them while on
the move.

Tip: Do not zoom in all the way. Keeping a medium distance
allows you to see more
of the target. Just keep shooting. There's no limit to your Sniper
Bullets, so
there's no need to be frugal. Use them like crazy! Eventually
you'll hit what you

After you smoke all four, the ship will transform. Now your target
is the single
lock ball in the very center of the ship. You don't even need to
get out of
Sniper Mode. Keep moving and zoom in further. One shot will send
you to the next
phase of this fight. Snipe at the pilot of this bad boy until he
leaps from the

Tip: If you still have your Dummy Decoy, now is the time to
use it. The pilot
will focus his attentions on it and you can plug him at will. This
is a good way
to deplete about 3/4 of his health without having to confront his
attacks. If you
haven't hooked up the Super Chaingun, now is a good time for that
as well.

Once Mr. Frog joins you on the dance floor, it's time for the
loopedy-loo. Circle
around him, plugging the beast with your Super Chaingun. Avoid his
energy blasts.
One direct hit will significantly deplete your health. Continue
moving around
him, training the Chaingun at him until he drops. When he does,
you will have
completed Mission 1.

Mission 2: Max

Mission 2: Max
Alien Orbiter, Earth Orbit, 10:10 am

Checkpoint 2A

To arrive safely at the Alien Orbiter, Max will have to take the
controls of the
torpedo and maneuver this sensitive missile through an asteroid
field. There are
fast and slow asteroids here, and they come in varying sizes.
Since you cannot
move forward on the screen, the best tactic is to try to remain
near the center
of the screen. The asteroids are randomly generated and often clog
the screen. In
addition, the torpedo's guidance systems are lacking in control.
If an asteroid
is streaking toward you, move early to avoid a crash.

Once aboard the ship, learn Max's controls from Dr. Hawkins. Pick
up the three
Magnums here to trigger his speech. Then blast the area above the
crashed torpedo
to open a passage. Shoot the lock on the next door and head toward
it. Pause at
the door and blast the hopping bots here, running through this
hall and taking
down more of the tiny aliens as you progress.

In the next room, shoot the Dogans that get in your way. Grab the
guns around the
central circular platform. Uzis are fun! Then head to each of the
four side rooms-
two have AA Batteries. In the others, destroy the glowing green
glass chambers on
the ceiling. This will open a path to a green, locked door at the
back of the

Tip: Make sure you grab all the Uzis you can carry. They
regenerate infinitely on
the central platter.

When you've got all the guns and health you need, blast the lock
on the brown-
green door, grabbing the Car Battery as you exit. The next winding
path leads to
Checkpoint B.

Checkpoint 2B

Take down the doors blocking your path with a steady stream of
fire. As you
destroy each in this passage, a new wave of enemies will appear;
some from the
front, others from behind. Unless you have serious bloodlust, you
don't have to
stay and kill them all. Simply blast the one that get in your way,
targeting the
doors from long distance and running through like a greyhound.

Eventually, you'll reach another locked green door. Blast it and
enter a series
of winding hallways containing ceiling-mounted lasers.

Tip: The best way to get through corridors fraught with
lasers is to use a
weaving, zig-zag running pattern. The lasers will lazily target
you, but if
you're quick you can run through unscathed.

The passage will eventually dump into a large area crawling with
enemies. As
before, kill only the enemies in your way. You real goal here is
to find three
bunkers containing enemy generators. They are scattered through
this large
crater, so stay on the move. When you locate one, don't get down
in the bunker
with the baddies. Just stand at the top and strafe, popping until
the generator
is destroyed. There are plenty of guns sprinkled around the area,
so ammo is no
concern. Grab it when you need it.

When you've destroyed the third generator, a door will open at the
end of the
right branch of the canyon. Run through the winding hall and shoot
the lock door
to attain the next Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2C

Directly ahead is the Jetpack, an integral part of the upcoming
adventure. Notice
the odd contraption straight ahead. That's a Jet Pack refueling
station. Leave it
for now. Grab the two AA Batteries on either side of the room,
then head to the
doors directly ahead. Each of the mystery doors contains
additional goodies┘or a
pop on the nose. Accessing these doors may yield a Magnum or AA
Battery. However,
if you go back to the cookie jar too many times, you'll get
punched in the face
and lose 20 Health.

Tip: Once you've collected the goodies from these doors and
floated to the next
levels, you can almost be guaranteed of a punch. Likewise, if you
return to the
door more than twice, you'll probably catch a palooka.

Return to the Jet Pack refueler and charge it up to 100. The next
segment of this
level is a laborious climb through several laser-heavy chambers.
Look up and
locate the central blue platter. Jet up to it. Above is a
hexagonal orange hatch.
Jet through the hatch and touch down on the circular rim that runs
around the
room. When you hit the platform, start circling. In the corners of
this hex room
are several laser cannons. Equip a bouquet of guns and blast them
as you circle
the room. If you stay on the move, it is unlikely that you will
take serious

Once this first chamber has been cleared, check your Jet Pack
fuel. If you are
low, return to the bottom floor to juice up again. Then float to
the next room
and repeat the drill. There are three rooms like this in all.
After you clear the
third room, return to ground level to refuel.

Tip: Falling down too many levels will significantly injure
Prince Max-about 10
Health for every level you fall. To avoid this extraneous damage,
jump through
each orange hatch and pause on the perimeter before jumping again.

When you're filled up, float up through all of the hatches into a
large chamber
sporting two Bifs (on a high, central platform) and several
regenerating Dogan
Boys. This room has three perimeter outcroppings. You're shooting
for the one
with a second Jet Pack Refueler. Destroy the generator on each of
the platforms,
dodging the fire from the Bifs above. Grab the Car Battery, then
refuel your
pack. If you need more guns, grab them from the other two

Now float above the central platform and pepper the Bifs with Uzi
spray. Don't
float too high, or you'll end up in the chamber above. There is a
Car Battery on
the Bif platform-grab it if you need it. When you run out of Pack
fuel, return to
the outcropping below to juice up. Then float back up and dust the
Bifs. When one
has fallen, you can land on the platform and strafe back and forth
until the
other one drops.

After the Bifs are eliminated, make sure you have a full tank of
Jet fuel and
float through the hatch in the ceiling. This is a repeat of the
area below-three
chambers filled with four lasers apiece. Treat them the same:
aim for the corners
and stay on the move.

When you move through the last chamber, you'll find yourself in a
room with three
doors-two mystery doors and a locked one. The mystery doors will
yield either
Magnums or AA Batteries. If you return too many times, as before,
you'll get
socked. When you've collected the gear, blow open the lock and
move through the
third door. This is another winding corridor replete with laser
cannons. On the
other end are a bunch of power-ups: four Uzis and a AA

Following this is another long, enemy-filled corridor similar to
the one you
encountered early in the game. As before baddies drop from the
ceiling (Dogans
mostly), and you can easily run through them. The only enemy here
who can cause
serious pain is the Bif halfway down the hall. Take him out with
the four Uzis
while strafing. He won't last long with sustained firepower.

Tip: Don't be bashful about using ammo. There are plenty of
Uzis placed in this
hall for your killing pleasure.

Run through the remainder of the Boys who drop from heaven,
through a door and
another winding hallway to the Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2D

The next room is a series of platform jumps to the top of the
room. As you leap
from pad to pad, a Dogan boy audience in a floating pod cheers you
on if you jump
successfully, and jeers you if you miss. Missing a high platform
jump carries a
hefty price tag. A fall from near the top of the room will rob you
of 100 Health.

Tip: When you land safely on a new platform, look up to see
where the next will
appear from.

There are six pads to leap to before you reach a floating Jet Pack
Refueler. The
juicer will levitate in the air, and the object is to hover above
it until you
are fully jucied. This is a difficult maneuver, but the best way
to do it is to
jump, then tap on the jump button so that you don▓t get too far
away from the
life-giving pump. When you have reached 100, float into the above

This is another laser-packed hex room. As before, scoot around the
smoking the lasers above. When you've eliminated them, you can
refuel again at
the pump in the center of the chamber and hover to the next. There
are more
lasers here. Eliminate and proceed. The next room is the
Checkpoint. As soon as
you pass through the hatch, it will lock and you will not be able
to access any
of the lower areas. Sad? I didn't think so.

Checkpoint 2E
Boss Battle: The Sphere

The room before the boss battle boasts two mystery doors
containing AA Batteries
and Magnums. When you've collected these goodies, move to the door
near the
lighted Checkpoint. Weave through the ensuing laser corridor to
the Boss Chamber.
Ahead is a Car Battery. Grab it and move to the edge of the ledge
to trigger a

A giant rolling disco ball of death, this Boss looks quite
daunting. Luckily,
you've got the firepower for the job. Unlike the first boss, where
Kurt needed
precision sniping, this Sphere can be taken down with good old
blasting. That's not to say the targets don't change as the fight
goes on.

When the battle begins, the Sphere will fire energy blasts at you
from the green,
glowing nodes. Dodge the blasts as you move around the arena
grabbing gear. There
are Uzis above the Boss near the rafters if you want to use your
Jet Pack, but
the ground guns should do if you saved guns from earlier in the
level. Uzis and
AA Batteries are scattered between the blue barriers in the outer
rim of the
room. There is one Car Battery here as well. Save it for when your
health dips
below 100.

Tip: You can engage the Sphere from any point in the room.
Often, taking a
position near one of the blue columns will provide some shelter
from the
incessant storm. Once in a while, you will find a fairly safe
pocket here and be
able to blast at will. If you don't the best place to fire from is
the ledge
where you originally came into the room. Grab all the goodies and
use the Jet
Pack to return to this level.

The first target in this skirmish are the green nodes. Strap
yourself with four
Uzis at all times. Whenever you destroy a node, a huge shaft of
light will emit
from the hole. This will damage you, so avoid it by strafing and
jumping. The
boss spins on two axes-horizontal and vertical. It is not always
possible to
avoid all of the light, and if you are sufficiently healthy, you
won't have to
worry about taking the occasional hit.

Once all of the nodes have been destroyed, focus your fire on the
Sphere itself.
Each piece of the Sphere's shell has its own damage meter. Plug at
it until it
falls away, the whole time avoiding the Sphere's deadly attacks.
After all of the
shell pieces have sloughed off, the Boss will be a glowing ball of
light. Keep
shooting, pooch. When you've worn down the orb, it will turn into
a small, star-
like energy ball. Now its attacks are more frenetic (and less
accurate). If you
have sufficient Health, stand in one spot and fire on the small
ball of light.
Keep drilling it until the fight is over.

Mission 3: Doctor Hawkins

The Jim Dandy, Earth Orbit 10:42 am

Now that Kurt and Max have been kidnapped by Schwang Schwing and
it's up to Dr.
Hawkins to pry them from alien clutches. Dr. Hawkins is a treat to
play. His
Atomic Toaster is one of the more unique in recent memory.

Checkpoint 3A

If you start this level from the previous level, you'll begin in
the Lounge. If
you begin from a saved game, you'll start on the Bridge.

In the Lounge, listen to the short, computer-driven tutorial. This
will teach you
to make toast. Then snag the Bunch of Dirty Towels from the bar,
along with three
bottles of The Sauce. In the kitchen, grab the Loaf and Toaster
from the counter
and a pair of Mr. Fizzies from the refrigerator. Before you leave,
go dance a jig
near the jukebox. This does nothing, but it's good for the mental
health. Exit
and head down the hall until you reach a small atrium with three

On the Bridge, snag the Duct Tape, admire the space view, then
exit. Head down
the hall until you enter a small atrium with three other doors. Go
up the white
stairs to the right. This hallway leads to a lavatory. Grab A
Bunch of Dirty
Towels from both sinks. Head into the stall and do your duty. Your
activities will cause the pipes to rupture and the Hand Dryer to
fall from the
wall. Move out of the stall and pick up the Pipes and fallen

Tip: Before leaving, be sure to wash your mitts. If you
attempt to leave with
grubby paws after being warned, you will get shocked and take a
Health hit.

Another Tip: Combine the Dirty Towels with The Sauce to make
three Molotovs.
These explosive bad boys are good for clearing out groups of

Return to the four-door atrium and head through the green door.
Just through the
door, combine the Hand Dryer with the Pipes to make a Leaf Blower.
Equip the Leaf
Blower and walk through the next door into a garden room. On the
far side are a
bunch of unsuspecting Dogan Boys. Use the powered up Blower to
shepherd the
Dogans into the waiting jaws of Kermit, the flesh-eating plant.
Don't worry about
the Dogan Boy's blasts-even these will deflect off of the
turbo-charged air-
stream emitting from the Leaf Blower.

The only thing to worry about in this fight is letting the Dogan
Boys get behind
you. If you keep them in front, you'll have nothing to worry
about. If one does
get behind, strafe and blow the others into the plant, then go
back and clean up
the last one. You may have to stop blowing the Dogans for a second
to allow
Kermit to eat them. Bouncing around in the jet-stream, they are
tough for him to
get his lips around. Simply hold off with the blast for a moment
and the Dogan
Boys will be plant fodder.

Once he's had his fill, Kermit will thank you for the wonderful
cuisine and
modify your Toaster to an Atomic version. Now you can shoot
bouncy, atomic toast.
Head through the door Kermit unlocks and on to an elevator. This
will take you to
the first Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3B

This is the first in a series of rooms full of difficult jumps
along precarious
girders. Inch forward on the girder straight ahead. Then jump to
the crooked pipe
to the left. Your goal is to get to the short girder jutting out
of the center
pipe. The jump is tough but can be made. If you fall into the
electrified water,
get out as soon as possible, heading quickly to your destination.

Once at the central pipe, use the Duct Tape to seal the leak in
the pipe. This
will cause the water in the room to drain. Once it has, pluck the
Cord from the
central shaft and combine it with the Pipe to form a Ladder. Move
to the red X on
the floor and use it to anchor the ladder. Climb to the next pipe.

Once there, look toward the outer wall and down. There is another
short girder
with a red X on it. Leap down to it and use the ladder again. This
will take you
to a high girder. Move toward the outer wall, then make a short
jump up and edge
left until you reach the doorway. Jump into the grated hall,
following the
passage around and down.

Drop to the short girder jutting straight out from the doorway.
Make a controlled
leap to the girder perpendicular. Move to the red X near the end
and place a
ladder. Climbing it will take you to a high pipe. Jump to the
short girder to the
left. Inch ahead until you reach another I-beam crossing
underneath. Turn left
and drop to it, inching ahead until you reach a clump of short
girders jutting
from the central cylinder. Jump to the first, then the higher
second small I-
beam. From here, leap into the grated exit. Drop down and follow
this passage
around to another girder room.

This is your first opportunity to use that Atomic Toaster. There
is a Dogan
hanging out on the central cylinder in this room, another to the
right and one to
the left. Target with the toast (don't worry, it's unlimited). In
this case, you
don't need to deflect any of the toxic slices. Using trial and
error, line up
your shot and pop. Use the walls as cover and strafe as you shoot.

When the three baddies have been eliminated, step into the room.
This chamber is
series of challenging jumps up the various girders that spoke out
of the central
cylinder and the walls. The girder you're aiming for is just to
the left of the
entrance (facing into the room). Use either of the lower-lying
I-beams to reach
it. You'll need to do a sort of semi-circle jump up to it, and the
controls are
very touchy. Take your time, there's nothing harassing you here.
When you reach
this girder, face the outer wall and leap to the jutting beam to
the right. Aim
for the very tip of it when you jump. It may take a few tries.

When you reach this beam, turn to look at the central cylinder.
The next girder
you need is up and to the left. Again, aim for the farthest point.
After this,
turn around and leap to the short beam jutting from the center.
Then hop to the
collar beam and scoot around the pipe until you reach the girder
that leads to
the exit. Scoot along the pipe until you reach the outer wall.
Then, edge along
the ledge until you are below the grated exit. Jump up and follow
the path to yet
another girder room.

Edge out on the short girder jutting from the exit. Look below.
See that girder
way below? That's the one you need. You'll take some damage
dropping down. Once
there, track left toward the exit. Hop to the small beam below the
exit. Drop in
to reach the Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3C

Check it out! Another room of girders. Edge along the right wall
until you reach
the small beam barring your path. Hop onto it and then to the
next, central beam
to the right. The next jump is toward the outer wall, and another
one step up to
the right. From here, you can access the lift to the right. Turn
to face the
center of the room. As the lift raises high enough, leap to the
curved pipe to
the left.

Tip: Aim at the open end of the pipe when the platform is
even with it. This will
make this jump a lot easier.

Move toward the wall and into the exit. Drop down and follow the
path to┘ yet
another girder room! Edge out onto the small beam and jump to the
crossing beam
ahead. To the left is a ladder anchor. Use the Ladder to reach a
small, high
girder with another anchor. Use the ladder here to reach another
high beam. Once
atop it, the exit is directly below and to the left. Take a short
leap and then
hop up to the left to the exit.

Miraculously, there is┘ another girder room! This one ain't bad.
Just drop to the
rim that circles the room. Skirt the room to the left until you
reach the stairs.
Take these to an elevator and the third Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3D

You're in a large hangar with a mysterious grate. Leave it for now
and head into
the hall to the left and up a ramp. This leads to an observation
deck. Grab the
Fishbowl and Lighter off the table in the middle of the room.
Return to the
center of the room and go to the grate. Equip the Fishbowl to dump
the fish
inside into the murky water below. Are you ready to play as
Chuckleberry Fin? You
best be.

Chuckleberry Fin

Chuckleberry Fin's epic performance in MDK2 boils down to
this: finding a button
and pushing it. To do this, he must navigate through hostile
sewers past Spiky
Mines and Killer Pike. Use the directional buttons to move from
side to side and
the shoot button to boost Chuckleberry through the water. The
Mines are easy to
avoid. Just point where they aren't and boost. The Pike are a
little trickier. If
they see you, they'll eat you. Wait until they float past, then go
behind them.
If one gets in front of you, you can follow closely behind without

Making all right turns from the starting point should take you to
your goal.
You'll know when you're about to reach it, because the area just
before the
button glows pink, then red. Swim into the button to trigger it.

After the button is pressed, you'll return to being Dr. Hawkins. A
large door
will open and several Dogans will begin to attack. You don't have
to fight these

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