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Веселая ферма 3

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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Fallout
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Experience + Karma:
I found a VERY interesting way to earn 1000 experince points plus increase your Karma points by 1 in Fallout (I tried this without the patch!), and this progress can be repeated as many times as you want, plus you don't have to kill ANYTHING!

1) After killing the entire Deathclaws including their Mother Deathclaw and the eggs, head back to the Gun Runners and speak to the guard at the bridge, ask "I need to speak to Gabriel... it is very important" (he'll let you through) then go see Gabriel and ask for "Weapons and Ammos" (as a reward for killing off the Deathclaws) after that you will get 1000 experince points plus your Karma will go up 1 point!

2) Then head BACK to the Deathclaw warehouse and then go back to the Gun Runners base again! (it will reset everything in the Gun Runners base) now repeat the first step (the point where you speak to the guard on the bridge) and repeat the process!

Money Cheat
1) When you are in the hub, go to the Caravan Traders and ask the woman in green for a job. The day you have to do the job, you go back to her and say you have something else at hand.

2) Now go to the entrance of the Hub and talk to the leader of the caravan (the man in the middle). He will give you 600 crown corks, without you having to work for it!

You can repeat this several times!

Money Cheat 2
1. In Junktown go into the basement of Doc Morbid's place and uncover his dead body scheme.
2. Go to hub, save it prior to talking to Iguana Bob, and then blackmail him for whatever amount he is willing to part with.
3. Once your intelligence and/or speech and/or barter is reasonably high, talk to him again and say you have more expenses and you need to raise the blackmail.
4. Once he agrees to an amount, speak to him again, tell him you have more expenses and ask for the same amount.
5. Keep on going until you get as much money per five days as you want.

Money Cheat 3
This trick even works with latest patch and even european version. no need to play with HEX edit.
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