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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Ghost Recon
Тип документа : Cheats Всего страниц : Текущая : full

Чтобы открыть консоль нажмите Enter на NumPad(справа).
Стрелками вверх и вниз просматривайте предыдущие команды.
PageUp & PageDown - просматривайте историю консоли.

Функции консоли

LoadGame [имяфайла] - Загрузить игру с именем файла
SaveGame [имяфайла] - Сохранить игру с именем файла
JournalRecordStart [имяфайла] - Записывать игру в файл с именем(повтор)
JournalRecordStop - Прекратить запись
JournalPlayStart [имяфайла] - Начать проигрывание записи(повтора)
JournalPlayStop - Остановить проигрывание
Shadow - Невидимость
Superman - Неуязвимость
FarPlane [distance] - Установить дальность заднего плана
ForestLODDist [distance] - Смена дистанции LOD для лесов

toggleAI - включить/выключить AI
report - for debug build, goes through all the ai and reports what behaviors they are doing
togglePlayerInvis - makes it so the player doesn't show up in ai threat lists
timeFactor F - clock speed multiplied by F
playerRunSpeed F - player run speed multiplier (ai run speed not affected)
run - скорость бега игрока 1 раз - 10, 2 раза - 1
autowin - победа
quit - выход
teleport [x y z] - teleports the avatar to the location if it's valid. uses "mark" position (see below) if no arguments.

badtree [radius] - finds trees that are too close to each other or an obstacle wall. radius defaults to the character collision radius plus some slop. dumps info to error_out, so it will be in the log file on a release build. puts flames at the location of the bad trees

cover name radius n -- will display up to n cover points within "radius" of character "name". if the character's name has any spaces in it, replace them with "_".
findcover x y z [radius] -- prints cover point found for the players position relative to a threat at x y z to the debug log, radius is optional
loc -- prints the players location to the debug log
names [radius] -- turns on a text display of character's names, out to a radius (optional, default is 10 meters)
aiinfo -- adds what the ai is doing to the string shown by the names command
airoe -- like aiinfo, but puts the movement and combat roes over their heads
hidecorpse -- toggles name display for corpses (also have to have names on to see them)

"path [x0 y0 z0] [x1 y1 z1]" -- tries to generate a path from 0 to 1. if 1 is not specified, tries to generate a path from 0 to the avatar's position. if 0 and 1 are not specified, tries to generate a path from a "mark" position (see below) to the avatar's position. with no arguments, will try to use mark2 and mark. if the arguments to the command are wrong, an alarm sound is played. if a path is successfully generated, a voice says, "yes". if not, a voice says, "we're short on time, let's move out."

"mark" -- stores the avatar's position for later use with the path command
"mark2" -- stores the avatar's position for later use with the path command
"trail" -- shows the safepoints generated by fireteam leaders as flames

aimerror [horizontal vertical] -- sets the range of horizontal and vertical error (in meters) of the aim location. with no arguments, prints format and current value to the debug log. you should generally use this to make them inaccurate. default .15 and 0.05.
miss [min] -- sets the minimum horizontal and vertical error (in meters) of the aim location. with no arguments, prints format and current value to the debug log. default 0.

ToggleShowPerfCounters - toggles off/on all performance counters. ( Note this will turn off/on everything )
perf - exactly like "ToggleShowPerfCounters", but easier to remember and to type

ToggleShowFrameRate - toggles off/on frame rate counters.
ToggleShowTotalStats - toggles off/on totals stats.
ToggleShowLevelStats - toggles off/on level stats.
ToggleShowActorStats - toggles off/on actor stats.
ToggleShowInterfaceStats - toggles off/on interface stats.
ToggleShowEffectsStats - toggles off/on effects stats.
ToggleShowTextureMemoryStats - toggles off/on texture memory stats
ToggleShowSystemMemoryStats - toggles off/on system memory stats. (Note:this only includes the memory for the vertex array, face array, vertex buffers, and index buffers. )

- Command map debug commands -
magic8ball - shows all of the enemies on the CM
obstacles - shows all of the obstacle walls, transition lines and collision cylinders
cmbackground - toggles the background bitmap in the command map
cmcover - toggles showing all of the cover points on the command map
cmbehavior - shows the names and what the actors are currently doing
nwmsgdump - toggles network messaging display/logging

res640 - change to 640x480 resolution
res800 - change to 800x600 resolution
res1024 - change to 1024x768 resolution
res1152 - change to 1152x864 resolution
res1280 - change to 1280x1024 resolution
res1600 - change to 1600x1200 resolution

ammo - toggle unlimited ammo for all firearms
refill - replenishes the avatar's entire inventory
kit [filename] - changes the avatar's kit
unlockhero - unlocks the next hero character in the campaign
tracers - toggles display of tracers on human weapons

For Debugging
tracer [scale] [speed] [red] [green] [blue] [alpha]
humantracer [scale] [speed] [red] [green] [blue] [alpha]
[scale] scales tracer from base size.
[speed] changes speed
[red][green][blue][alpha] color values must be from 0 - 255

NOTE: possible uses
tracer 1.0 changes scale only
tracer 1.0 100.0 changes scale and speed
tracer 1.0 100.0 255 0 0 255 changes scale, speed, and color

(Есть ещё много других комманд, но только эти работают)
Будут вопросы обращайтесь [email protected](скинуть оружие покруче)

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