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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Ark Of Time: Walkthru
Тип документа : Solution Всего страниц : Текущая : full

Ark Of Time: Walkthru

The numbering system is set up with numbers corresponding to the
map changes. The number 2.3 for example represents the second
time you go to the map and the third action you perform on that
map area.

Map 0, Introduction:
0.1 The intro will play all the way through. When it ends, you
will end up in the newspaper office. The editor will be talking
to you. Let hi finish. You now have from left to right a press
pass and a bottle of rum.
0.2 Click on the door to the office door, this will put you on
the map.
0.3 Move the cursor over the other dot on the map, this is Rum
Cay Island. Click on the dot.

Map 1, Rum Cay Island:
1.1 You are now in the town square screen, you see another
person. Click on her.
1.2 She begins to speak to you and gives you two options, left
click on the first option, "ask her what she is painting".
1.3 She then goes into a monologue and asks Kendal to bring her a
cup of clean water. She then gives you a cup of dirty water.
1.4 Click on the remaining conversation option which is "Ask her
is she's seen the professor". She then performs another monologue.
1.5 Move the cursor to the furthest left "Go to . . ."
directional prompt. It's a little to the left of the center of
the screen. Click on this.
1.6 You are now at the beach area. Click on the bungalow door.
1.7 You are now inside the bungalow. Left click on the jacket.
You notice a piece of missing cloth on the jacket.
1.8 Click on the Dirty Mug. This item is placed in inventory.
1.9 Click on the Mexican Coin that was underneath the Dirty Mug.
his item is placed in inventory.
1.10 Click on the Professor's notes. This item is placed in
1.11 Click on the doorway to the bungalow, you'll see "Go to the
beach" prompt.
1.12 Click on the "go to town" prompt on the far left hand side
of the screen. THis will take you to the town square.
1.13 Click on the "Go to . . ." prompt closest to the middle of
the screen. This will take you to the pier area.
1.14 Click on the sailor. A dialogue option will appear.
1.15 Click on the "Ask him if he saw professor Caldwell" option.
A dialogue will play.
1.16 Click on the metal net. Another dialogue plays.
1.17 Click on the go to town prompt.
1.18 Click on the remaining "Go to . . ." prompt on the far
right-hand side of the screan. This will take you to the Museum
1.19 Click on the Curator. This will result in a dialogue where
Kendall pays for a ticket into the Museum.
1.20 Left and right click on the portrait of the Pirate Mancussin
on the wall.
1.21 Left click on the compass on the wall.
1.22 Click on the "Go to . . ." prompt. This will take you to the
1.23 Click ont he Piece of Cloth, see that it matches the jacket
found in the bungalow.
1.24 Click on the "Go to . . ." prompt. This will take you to the
1.25 Click on the Ancient Book.
1.26 Click on the ancient letter inside the bok. This item is
placed in inventory.
1.27 Click on the window. You will open it.
1.28 Click on the pot of dirty water. You will see a "Use with .
. ." prompt. Use the Pot of dirty water with the window.
1.29 The curator's car will now be dirty and he will be busy
cleaning it. Click on the "Go to Gunnery" prompt.
1.30 Click on the "Go to Gallery" prompt. It's in the bottom of
the left hand corner of the screen.
1.31 Click on the "Go to Museum entrance" prompt. You will now be
outside the MUseum.
1.32 Click the inventory item "Mexican Coin" You will see a "Use
with . . ." prompt. Use it with the fountain tap.
1.33 Click the Fountain tap again and the water turns on, it is
now possible to use the inventory item "Empty Pot" with the
fountain. You now have a cup of clean water in the inventory.
1.34 Click on the "Go to village sqaure" prompt.
1.35 Click on the inventory item "Pot of Clean Water" and use it
with the painter. She will thank you.
1.36 Click on the painter again and a dialgue option will apear,
click ont his and the painter tells you her thoughts on Mancussin.
1.37 After the dialogue has finished, click on the "Go to pier"
1.38 Click on the sailor, the dialgue option "I show him the
letter I found in the library" appears. Select this and a
dialogue will pla, resulting in him giving you a magnet. This
item is placed in inventory.
1.39 Click on the "Go to the village square" prompt on the bottom
left of the screen.
1.40 Click on the "Go to Museum Entrance" prompt to the right of
your position.
1.41 The curator is still washing his car, giving you opportunity
to sneak around. Click on the "Go to Gallery" prompt.
1.42 Once inside the Gallery, click on the magnet itme in your
inventory and use it with the compass. This will move the needle
of the compass from East to South.
1.43 Click the "Go to Gunnery" prompt.
1.44 Once inside the Gunnery, we can turn the shield. After
turning the shield, the hidden door will open and the blue piece
of cloth that stuck in the door will fall out.
1.45 Click n the piece of cloth and place in inventory. Also, be
sure to inspect it by left clicking on it, you need to hear the
1.46 Click on the "Go to . . ." prompt. This will take you into
the hidden room.
1.47 Click on the Dagger sticking out of the table. This item
will be place in inventory.
1.48 Click on the Manuscripts left on the table. This item will
be place in inventory. Be sure to inspect these.
1.49 Click on the trunk furthest to your right. This action will
open the trunk. You will see two items, a parchment and some rags.
1.50 Click on the parchment. This item will be place in inventory.
1.51 Click on the "Go to Gunnery" prompt.
1.52 Click on the "Go to Gallery" prompt.
1.53 Click on the "Go to Museum entrance" prompt.
1.54 Click on the dagger and use it with the gum tree. Gum sap
will come out of the tree.
1.55 Click on the dagger in your inventory and use it with the
sap. The mug will now have sap in it and, be place in inventory.
1.56 Click on the "Go to Village square" prompt.
1.57 Click on "Go to Pier" prompt.
1.58 Click on the Colombus' Manuscripts and use them with the
sailor. A dilaogue will play and, after you'll see three dialogue
1.59 Click on "I offer him money for the Trip". A dialogue will
play leaving yu with two options.
1.60 Click on the "I go looking for Tweezers" option. This
results in a dialogue and you receive Tweezer's favorite food,
place in inventory.
1.61 Click on "Go to village square" prompt.
1.62 Click on the "Go to the beach" prompt.
1.63 Click on the Mug full of Gum Resin in your inventory and use
it with the Flat Rock. You will walk down to the flat rock and
place the resin on the rock.
1.64 Use the crab bait on the rock.
1.65 Walk back to the beach house, the crab will come out and
become stuck in the resin. You can now collect the crab and place
him in inventory.
1.66 Click on the "Go to vilage square" prompt.
1.67 Go to the pier.
1.68 Use the crab with the sailor. A dialogue will play. You will
need to get the crab painted white.
1.69 Go to the Village square.
1.70 Give te crab to the painter. A dialogue will play and she
will hand you back the crab painted white. PLace him in inventory.
1.71 Go to the pier.
1.72 Use the white crab with the sailor. A dialogue will play.
Then a video sequence will play. When it ends, you are on the
ocean floor.
1.74 Click on the left hand side of the screen, you will walk to
the left and see a submarine.
1.75 Click on the spot labeled "compartment".
1.76 Click on the spot label "Black box". This item will be place
in inventory.
1.77 Walk over to the other side of the ocean floor and click on
the portal's lock.
1.78 Walk back to the diving platform. A video sequence will play
and, when you are done, you will be back ay the pier.
1.79 Go to the village square.
1.80 Go to the map.
1.81 Once on the map click on the newspaper office map location.
This will put you back in the editor's office.

NOTE: At this point you should be familiar enough with the
interface to understand steps like "go to the map." The format
from this point will not give you specific instructions but still
contains solutions and actions necessary for the games'
completion. Map 2, The Newspaper: Once you are back at the
newspaper, show the editor the black box you found. THis will
result in an exchange and he will suggest a new place to go, The
Medieval Church talked about on the recording on the box. If you
go b have another option. Go to the Medieval Church.

Map 3, Medieval Church:
When you first arrive at the church, you can pick up a bucket on
the far right-hand side of the screen, do so. Then go further to
your right and exhaust all of the dialogue options with the young
woman standing there. Leave her and go back to the first screen
and then to the farm behind the church. Once there you should use
the piece of cloth with the mug with a bit of gum resin left in
it. After you do that, combine the cloth with the resin on it
have patched up the bucket, use it with the cow. You'll milk the
cow and, the bucket full of milk will be placed in the inventory.
Go back over to the cat that was near the little girl. Give th
cat. Go back to the first screen and use the cat with the broken
church window. This will cause a video sequence to play. The girl
will bring over a ladder and leave it, so you should climb up the
urn from the pedestal to the right. Collect the door bolt from
the door then use it with the confessional. This will cause a
secret passge to be revealed. Go down the secret passage. Go dow
of Stonehenge on the wall, this will give you another map option.
Inspect the stone head and, this will give you another map
option, Easter Island. Then, collect the medallion from the alcov
writing on the wall. Go to the church entrance and exit. At this
time a video sequence will play. When it ends, go back inside the
church and collect the "strange object" from the floor of

Map 4, The Newspapers Office:
Show the editor the copied ancient writings. He will peform a
dialogue for you and, suggest a new destination on the map,
Tuareg Village. Go to the map and then to the Tuareg Village.

Map 5, The Tuareg Village:
Once you are in the village, you will notice a woman sitting near
a tent, talk to her and exhaust all dialogue options. Then, go to
the fort entrance. Once inside the fort, go over to the prisoner
whom you will talk to. Exhaust all dialogue options with the
prisoner whom we learn is Amir. Show him the notes that we found
in the Medieval Church. He will tell us that he's too hurt to
translate them but, suggests another person, the Holly Man of
Ahagg option. This will also give us a ring that gets placed in
the inventory. Go to the door to the Bazaar and enter it. Then,
exhaust all dialogue options with the merchant. Go back to the
court of the fort and exhaust all dilaogue options with the
guard. Go to the fort entrance and back over to Lallah. Use the
ring with Lallah, then ask if you can enter the tent. She will
let you into the tent at this point. Go inside and inspect the
hole Go back out and ask her if she saw anything strange on the
night of the murder, then say goodbye. Going back inside the
tent, the item "base of the pole" is now visible. Inspect this
throughly and a monlogue will occur. Go back to Lallah and talk
to her. She will give you some food to give ti Amir. Go to Amir
and give him the food. Ask him if the food was good, he will give
you a lock pick. At this point it is prudent to go to Stonehe
item. Map 6, Stonehenge: Once you are at Stonehenge, go to the
Stonehenge yard it is on the left tip of the screen. There you
will see a shed to the right, use the lock pick that Amir gave
you with the door to the shed. Once inside the shed, collect the
f line from the table. Both items will go into inventory. Go to
the map at this point and click on Easter Island map.

Map 7, Easter Island:
Once you arrive on Easter Island, a dialogue will begin with a
person named Tobias. Exhaust all of the dialogue options. Go to
his right, to the big heads. There you will find a shell
necklace, take it. Slect the Go to prompt in the bottom
right-hand side of the screen, this will take you to the light
house entrance. Collect the Glass Jar. Go back to the Stone Heads
and look for the remaining Go to prompt. Slect it and it will
take you and exhaust all options. He will give you a photograph
he took. Use the Copied Inscriptions with Tobias. He will then
tell you about an additional area to the left. Don't bother with
it now. Collect the rubber tube to Tobias' left. Go back to the
Big Heads and then to the map. Click over to Tuareg Village.

Map 8, The Tuareg Village:
Once you arrive, go to the tent to the right of Lallah's tent.
Enter the tent and a dialogue will play. Exit the tent then,
construct a fake snake by combinging the Plump line with the
rubber tube, then combining the shell necklace. The resulting
item is a "Fake Snake." Use the fake snake with the Dromedary.
The Dromedary will run off. Collect the fake snake from the sand.
Go back to the tent you just came from and a dialogue will occur
Upon entering the bazaar will trigger a dialogue and, the
merchant will leave. Go back to the fort. Collect the bowl from
inside the open cell. Go to the Map and click on the Ahaggar

Map 9, Ahaggar Mountain:
Click on the "Go to . . ." prompt at the Cave Door entrance. This
will trigger a moviesequence and then a resulting dialogue will
occur. You then can ask him to translate the inscriptions. Do so
and he will identify the "strange object" item in your inventory.
Go to the door to the right and use the Levitium Finder with it.
Then use the file and scrape off some filings from the door. Exit
the Cave and click on the Jeeps' trail, a monologue will o into
the building with the open door, this is the butcher's shop.
Exhaust all of the dialogue with him. He will give you the
inventory item "Rat Croquettes." You can't take anything else
from him. entrance, then to the map. Select the Tuareg Village.

Map 10, Tuareg Village:
Once you are back int he village, go to the fort and then the
bazaar, you should still see the dog there. Give the dog the dish
of food that you got from the empty cell. The dog will eat the
food but, not fall asleep as you need him to so that yu can get
the safe and open the door. The first step to making the dog fall
asleep is to go back to Amir. Talk to him and ask him to give you
the food he has left over from earlier. He gives you some f
entrance screen and then to the map. Once on the map, slect
Easter Island.

Map 11, Easter Island:
After you arrive back on Easter Island, go to Tobias' Hut. Go to
the area that he told you about at the mouth of the cave. Use the
Rat Croquettes with the glass jar. You will now have a glass jar
with one Rat Croquette in it. Use this item with the "Carnivorous
Termites" by putting it on the ground right in front of them.
They will go into the jar and stay there. Attempt to enter the
cave, you won't be able to because it is too dark. This is impor
this map so go back to the airport and then to the map. Select
Ahaggar Mountain.

Map 12, Ahaggar Mountain:
Once you are at the mountain, go to the Algerian Village and,
then to the butcher's shop. Here we will find that Dromedary that
we made run off is now dead and sitting on a platter. Don't talk
to the butcher, instead use the glas jar of termites with the
carcass. A video will play and the butcher becomes distracted by
the termites. Take the item "Narcotic Powder" from the counter.
Also, take the Rat Bait from the floor of the shop. Exit at the
map. Select the Tuareg Village.

Map 13, Tuareg Village:
Once you are back at the entrance screen, go tothe "Murderer's
Tent." There you will find the shoe he left behind. Take this and
leave the tent. Once out of the tent, go to the fort and then to
the bazaar. Use the narcotic powder with the little dish of food.
Give the item to the dog. The dog will now go to sleep. You can
now take the safe from counter. Go through the door and into the
back room. Click on the box and you will move it. Now, a sec
through the passageand you will end up inside the fort tower that
we deduce the shot came from. Go up the stairs and onto the roof.
Use the shoe with the footprints in the sand in the corner. A
puzzle. Collect the lens from the roof and the bullet casing. It
is hard to see but you can move the pointer around until you see
it. Go back down the stairs and then to the bazaar's back room.
map, select Easter Island. Map 14, Easter Island: Starting at the
Airport, go to Tobias' Hut and then show Tobias the safe, he will
open it and tell you the combination, 5-7-1. Once opened, we find
a set of keys to the merchant's jeep. Go back to the airp Village.

Map 15, Tuareg Village:
When you arrive back at the village, go back to the fort. Then go
to the bazaar, click ont he door to the back room and you will
hear a dialogue play between the merchant and Ali. Once you have
heard this, go back out to the fort, go to the jeep and use the
keys from the safe. This will open the rear door of the jeep.
Look inside it and you will find two items, a drive belt and some
flares. Look at the license plate to the jeep. The numbers on t
little safe was the first three so you assume the comination of
the safe in the back room of the store is the last three. Go back
to the room and dial in this combination. Turn the handle on now
have enough information to free Amir. Go to the Guard and talk to
him. The resulting dialogue will free Amir. Amir will now tell
you the secret password to Ahaggar Mountain, "Open Sesame." G
Stonehenge. Map 16, Stonhenge: Go to the yard. Once you are at
the yard, use the drive belt you found in the jeep with the
tractor. A dialogue with the worker there will play and then he
will hear the phone in the shed ring. He will go to the shed
leaving working tractor. Click on the lever to the tractor and
the scoop will lift the stone revealing yet another secret
passage. Go down the secret passage and into the tomb. You will
find four items there, a small bronze tube, a medallion, a
magneto an a broken crystal block. Collect these and inspect the
objects in the tomb. Go back to the yard and then to the map.
Select Ahaggar Mountain.

Map 17, Ahaggar Mountain:
Once you are back on Ahaggar, go to the village. Use the lens in
inventory with the hole in the fender of yur jeep. Then to the
"Go to . . ." prompt to the right of the screen. There you will
find a man with a gambling game set up. Play the game with the
man three times. After the third time, a video sequence will play
and the man will leave. He will not come back until you take the
special snuff box and use the Levitium filings with it. Put i
play the game with him and you use the Levitium finder with the
snuff box to find his position. Do this for as long as you can,
then leave. If you play the game long enough, he will give you th
cave and talk to the holy man. You will tell him the password and
he will let you into the secret part of the cave. A dialogue
sequence will play and, once it is over, talk to the man again
will activate the machine. Open the compartment to the left of
the magneto. You will insert the gem you took from the one eyed
man into the compartment. You can now play the recorded message o
click on the helmet. You should go over to the machine and put on
the helmet. A movie will play. Repeat this with the other
medallions you have found in the tomb at the medieval church and
the movies, exit the cave and go to the map. Select Rum Cay

Map 18, Rum Cay Island:
After arriving at the island, go to the painter. Use the picture
that Tobias gave you of Easter Island with the painter. She will
ask you to get her some canvas to paint the picture you want on.
Use the Parchment that you found in the trunk in the secret room
of the museum. She will begin painting. Go to the Pier and ehaust
all dialogue options with the sailor do not however go back to
the ocean floor. Leave the pier and go back to the first scre

Map 19, Easter Island:
Got to the Stone Head and then to the lighthouse. Go inside the
lighthouse and use the flares that you found in the jeep with the
beacon. There is a handle to the bottom left of this. Click ont
he handle and it will turn the beacon toward the cave. This will
cause a movie to play. The ballon is now blocking the beacon so
we have to leave the light house and go to Tobias' Hut. Once
there, talk to Tobias. He will be uncooperative. That is fine, le
to the map. Select Rum Cay Island.

Map 20, Rum Cay Island:
Once you are on the island go to the painter. Talk to her and she
will give you the finished painting. Leave and go back to the
map. Select Easter Island.

Map 21, Easter Island:
Go to the stone heads and then to Tobias' Hut. Show him the
paintng. He will think it is a treasure map and go look for
treasure, leaving the ballon unattended. Go to the ballon and
turn the handle on the burner. This will deflate the ballon
letting the cave get light. Go into his hut. There are three
objects there you need to collect. Collect the piece of glass
from the broken window, collect the chrome spraycan from the
table and the jack. Leave the hut and go to the cave. Once inside
the cave, use the rubber tube with the stream of water to get the
water into the bowl to the left. The door will open and you will
now be able to go into the tomb. When inside the tomb, take the
jack and use it with the slab of rock blocking the alcove. This
will reveal the alcove and let you take the medallion. You will
also find a map there, take it. Leave the cave get back to the
map and go to Ahaggar Mountain.

Map 22, Ahaggar Mountain:
Go to the cave and the machine in the back room. Put the
medallion that you took from Easter Island in the machines'
compartment and put on the helmet. A movie will play. You are now
able to decipher the coordinates on the map if you examine it by
left clicking. This will give you a new map coordinate, the

Map 23, The Yucatan:
Once you arrive at the forrest, click on the "Go to . . ." prompt
to the left of the screen. This will take you to the pyramid and
enter the open door. Inspect all of the objects in the room.
Leave the pyramid and go back to the forest. In the forest, click
on one white flower, you will collect it. Use the chrome canister
with the piece of glass. You now have a mirror, place it on the
ray of sunshine behind the flower. A sequence will play tur
minute. Go to the "Go to . . ." prompt to the right, this will
take you to the holy man's hut. Talk to him and he will give you
a list of things you need to do. The first thing is getting a
yello dialogue will play. Leave the screen and get the map to the
Medieval Church.

Map 24, Medieval Church:
Go inside the church and down to the first level of excavations.
If you go over to the right you enter another part of the floor
and see some metal bars. There is a rat there, but it is black so
you can't see him. Place the rat bait in front of the metal bars
or use it with the rat. Either way, now walk back to the first
floor of the church. Go back down and the rat will have eaten the
bait and can now be placed in inventory. Leave the church and

Map 25, Ahaggar Mountain:
Go to the village and then to the butcher's shop. You will see
the bone left behind by the termites. Collect this item then go
to Easter Island.

Map 26, Easter Island:
Go to the stone heads screen. Tobias will now be digging for
treasure there. Talk to him and he will tell you that he actually
discovered treasure on the place marked "X" on the map you gave
him. H eiwll run off to Las Vegas. Leave and go to Rum Cay Island.

Map 27, Rum Cay Island:
Go to the pier and talk to the sailor. Tell him that he brother
went to Vegas to blow the treasure money. The sailor will leave
for Las Vegas leaving the pier unattended. Take the metal fishing
net and go to The Yucatan.

Map 28, The Yucatan:
Go to the pyramid and you will see a snake to the bottom left of
your position. Use the drugged rat with the snake. The snake will
eat the rat and become docile. Pick up the snake. The bird that
the holy man mentioned earlier is in a branch of the tree near
the top of the screen. Put the cartridge case that you got on top
of the Algerian Fort into the bronze tube and, use it with the
egg, the snake and, the thigh bone. This will trigger an exchan
the thigh bone and play for the snake. The snake moves his head
in a pattern:


Now that this is done, go back to the open room in the pyramid.
Move the snake's head in the listed order by pushing the buttons
under the head. A door will open after doing this. Go inside the
room. There is a solar calendar on the wall, examine it and you
will find that the Atlantian that crashed here threw the
medallion into a small lake. Once this monologue has played and
you have inspected all the objects in the room, go back to the
holy ma in the relief is not far. He will take you there. The way
to the lake is blocked by a crocodile. Use the metal net. The
holy man will now jump into the lake and search for the objects
in the relief. Inspect the idol near the lake. Notice the patte
of heads, it is with the happy faces looking at each other and
the angry faces looking away from each other. Go back to the hut
and you will find eight stones with carvings on them looking a
the pyramid and arrange the blocks, corresponding to the carvings
above the holes. This will cause another room in the pyramid to
open. Go to this room, inspect everything you can but, you sho
and talk to him. He will give you a medallion, go back to Ahaggar

Map 29, Ahaggar Mountain:
Go to the cave and then to the mechanism in the back room. Put
the Medallion you found in the Yucatan in the compartment and
click on the helmet. A video will play but the solution to the
puzzle in the last rom of the pyramid will cut off before it
reveals the solution. He will give you hints though. Go outside,
it is snowing because of Blower's tampering with the weather
controller. Go to the map and head off to the Yucatan.

Map 30, The Yucatan:
Go to the room in the temple with the color puzzle. Arrange the
colors by clicking on the stones in the following order:

Heads: Black/Blue/Red/Green/Yellow
Gems: Blue/Red/Green/Black/Yellow

The tombstone will move out of the way allowing us to go into the
hidden room. Go into the room. You can collect a working crystal
cube here. Take it and leave. Go back to the forest and the map -
go to Stonhenge.

Map 31, Stonhenge:
Go to the center stone in the monument. Use the working crystal
cube with the stone. Put the Levitium finder ontop of it. After a
couple of seconds, it will begin to flash various colors in a
pattern. When the stone turns red in the sequence, collect it. If
it is placed in the inventory, it will say "Fully charged
Levitium Finder." If you click on it when it is flashing any
color, it won't say this. Go to the map and then go to Rum Cay

Map 32, Rum Cay Island:
Go back to the pier and talk to the sailor. Get him to take you
back to the ocean floor. Once you are down there, use the
Levitium finder as the key to the portal. The portal door will
open and you should go in. The door will shut behind you and you
won;t be able to reopen it. Click ont he door to the right and a
dialogue with Helen will occur. Click on the filing cabinet to
your left, this should open it's doors. Click on the stairs ab to
it. Use the press pass with the air vent. A dialogue will follow,
you will tell her the nickname of the editor among the staff,
"Slavedriver" and she will let you in the room. Once inside,
needs. Go outside the room and to the fist room. There is a "Go
to . . ." prompt to the left of the screen, click on it and

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