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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Arthur
Тип документа : Hint Всего страниц : Текущая : full

Name : Arthur
Producer : Infocom
Source : Cheet Sheets Issue 3

You start in the Churchyard as you attempt to pull the sword from the
stone. Merlin appears and explains your heritage, saying you must prove
yourself wise and chivalrous, strong and courageous and demonstrate this
before you can claim the sword. He also tells you to seek him at his cave
beyond the meadow. A torque falls to the ground. GET TORQUE, EXAMINE IT;
you see a Crystal. EXAMINING the CRYSTAL will access the hints menu, as
will EXAMINING the CRYSTAL BALL in Merlin's Cave.

During the game, you will score EXPERIENCE points (E), WISDOM points (W),
CHIVALRY points (C) and QUEST points (Q). When you get tired, SLEEP
somewhere safe, eg: the village. When you hear the soldiers approaching,
HIDE BEHIND GRAVESTONE so you don't get found.

King Lot takes the STONE and SWORD. WAIT until daybreak. You wake to see
Lot brandishing a sword that looks like the one from the stone! He says he
will be crowned at noon in three days time and if anyone wants to challenge
him, they must do so in his hall (+5E, +2Q). Enter the Church and PRAY
(+10C). Enter the Tavern and LISTEN to the Farmers' conversation to learn
how Lot chooses the password for the Castle and that he loves gold.

When you get hungry, go into the Kitchen of the Tavern and GET CHEESE, EAT
CHEESE (+1E, +1Q) when the Innkeeper isn't there. Go to Merlin's Cave, but
don't carry anything when you cross the Meadow for the moment as the
Invisible Knight will steal them (though you can get them back later).
Merlin says he will give you a spell to turn you into a salamander, owl,
turtle, eel and badger. SAY CYR <animal name> to change. You mustn't do it
while people are about and you must become human before you can change into
another animal. As you leave, he says there is a prisoner in Lot's dungeon
who needs to be freed.

Go to the Smithy and CYR BADGER (+3E, +1Q) and go IN to the hole. In the
Den, you see a loose stone. PULL STONE; it falls into the room beyond. Go
into the Cell, CYR ARTHUR (you scare the prisoner, he's the Smith who made
the false sword). ASK PRISONER ABOUT DOOR; he tells you the Guard checks on
him when the bells ring and also if he shouts. GET STONE, HIDE BEHIND DOOR,
SHOUT; the Guard enters with his back to you. HIT GUARD WITH STONE; you
bash him on his helmet, he falls. You see a key hanging from his belt (+3W,
+3E, +2Q). GET KEY, UNLOCK PADLOCK (+10C), GET HELMET; the prisoner follows
you when you leave. GIVE HELMET TO SMITH; a disguise.

Go to the Small Chamber and MOVE TAPESTRY to find an exit (+2W, +1Q). CYR
SALAMANDER to pass the wall of fire (+3W, +3E, +1Q). CYR ARTHUR in the
Kitchen. Go to the Armoury, GET ARMOUR0 (+1Q), WEAR ARMOUR, GET SHIELD
(+1Q). Return to the Kitchen, GET PUMICE (+1Q), PUSH BARREL (+2W, +1Q); the
water in it puts out the fire so the Smith can pass. Return to Behind the
Throne and WAIT till the bells ring and Lot gives the new password (+2W,
+1Q); use the Book of Hours in the packaging to work it out - verse and
line number.

Go to the Guard at the entrance and SAY whichever line it is. (Note, you
lose the game if you leave without the Smith and he refuses to leave the
Kitchen without the helmet) You leave with the Smith and he tells you he
has hidden another sword under the roots of the oak tree. Then he leaves
(+10C, +2W, +3E, +4Q). Go to the Village Green, CYR BADGER, DIG GROUND; you
find the sword, CYR ARTHUR, GET SWORD (+2W, +1Q). Go to the Edge of the
Woods and BLOW HORN; the Blue Knight says to knock on the door! KNOCK ON
DOOR; he is pleased to see you have armour and a shield (previously he
refuses to joust unless you are properly attired) but says your shield is
tarnished. RUB SHIELD WITH STONE; that cleans it. He gives you the choice
of two lances and says to mount up. MOUNT HORSE, GET RED LANCE. He rides
towards you. Shield whichever part of your body he aims for and aim at his
body. You clash, both of you fall off but he falls first so you've won! He
gives you an Ivory Key (+10C, +5W, +7E, +4Q).

Go to the Ivory Tower and UNLOCK DOOR. Meet the old man upstairs, he says
you have to guess his name. Go down to the bottom of the stairs and CYR OWL
so you can see in the dark. You see two lines of writing: SAYMOTHER
RIOTHAMUS (+4W, +1Q). Go back up to the crack. If you put something small
in it, it falls through to the other side. "CYR SALAMANDER, ENTER CRACK
(+2W, +1Q). You see the words Amhtir amu Smotus. Use the code from the
Cellar to translate this. Return to the old man as Arthur and SAY THOMAS
THE RHYMER". He gives you a magic ring and says 'When unseen forces you
surprise, just rub this ring to clear your eyes.' (+7W, +3Q).

Now to deal with that Invisible Knight!! Return to the Meadow and when he
steals your things, you see something glittering on the ground to the east.
Go east; it's the ring! (+3W, +2Q). GET RING, RUB RING to see a Knight's
Pavilion. Inside, he returns your things and offers you a giant brass
raven's egg if you answer a riddle. YES. He asks the next letters in the
series ST ND RD TH so SAY TH. (It's the sequence first, second, third etc).
He gives you the egg (+7W, +3Q).

Go to the tree in the Grove. CYR OWL (+3E, +1Q) UP; you're near a giant
raven's nest which contains a huge gold egg. The raven is circling and sees
the glint of the brass egg below - where you dropped it when you changed
raven reappears and chases you out. LAND IN GROVE, CYR ARTHUR, GET ALL
(including the gold egg, +4W, +5E, +2Q). Go to the End of the Causeway and
the Red Knight will tell you that you must bring him four things before you
can pass; the egg of a giant raven, the hair that grows between the eyes of
a dragon, the tusk of the wild boar of the enchanted forest and the golden
fleece of the evil demon Nudd. GIVE EGG TO KNIGHT (+1Q).

Return to the Badger's Den as a Badger and map the tunnels. Do this by
noting the earth there is soft. If you DIG you make a claw mark. In the
next new location DIG, DIG to make two and so on. Make your way to the
Thorny Island (+2Q) and GET SPRIG (it catches on your fur). Go back through
the tunnels to the Smithy, CYR ARTHUR, (the sprig drops off your fur) GET
SPRIG (+1Q). Go into the Tavern and enter the Kitchen. WAIT till the
Innkeeper leaves. CYR OWL; the canary says if you'll release him, he'll
give you the key which is hidden in the thatch and fits the cupboard there.
CYR ARTHUR, OPEN CAGE (the bird drops the key, +10C), GET KEY (+1Q).

About now, the Innkeeper will return so leave before he gets there. WAIT
till he leaves the Kitchen again, go back in, UNLOCK CUPBOARD, LOOK IN IT,
GET BOTTLE; spices (+1Q). Go to the Track with the horse chestnut trees.
Try to go North and they pelt you with enchanted conkers which really hurt!
CYR TURTLE (+3E, +1Q), PULL IN LEGS, PULL IN HEAD to protect yourself and
WAIT till the conkers stop (+3W, +7E, +3Q). CYR ARTHUR, GET ALL, N. In the
Glade, you see footprints crossing the ground and a large rock. A
leprechaun will arrive after a few moves but will dash off when he sees
you. DROP BOTTLE, HIDE BEHIND ROCK and you'll hear a murmuring from under
the rock. LISTEN; the voice says the food is tasteless. WAIT and the
leprechaun appears and gets the bottle and starts reading the label. GET
LEPRECHAUN; you catch him before he can move and he gives you a jug of
whiskey in return for his freedom (+3W, +1Q).

Go to the Cottage and you'll find an injured peasant who is freezing cold,
the fire is almost out. OPEN DOOR to leave, GET SLEAN, GET CRUTCH. Go to
the Edge of the Bog and DIG GROUND to get some peat - the slean breaks
(+1Q). SW, OPEN DOOR, PUT PEAT ON FIRE; the room heats, the peasant
recovers (+10C). ASK PEASANT ABOUT BOG; he gives you the directions
through, this is random (eg NE, SE, NE, SE, NE, E). PEASANT, THANK YOU

Go to the Shallows and CYR EEL (+3E, +1Q). Swim through to the Ford and CYR
ARTHUR. Go to East of Ford and GET APPLE, EXAMINE IT; shrivelled and black.
Return to Ford and CYR EEL; the apple floats away. Go back to the shallows,
the apple is there. CYR ARTHUR, GET APPLE. Go to South of Chasm and THROW
dies. CYR OWL, N to cross. CYR ARTHUR, GET SWORD, CUT TUSK (+1Q). Throw the
sword and tusk back over (+2W) and change and fly back. Change to Arthur.
GET ALL, go to Red Knight and GIVE TUSK TO KNIGHT (+1Q).

In the Shallows, change into an eel again, swim to the rowboat and kraken.
The rowboat has the sword and stone in it, the kraken is wearing a gold
bracelet but won't let you take it. ZAP KRAKEN; you give him a shock, he'll
now chase you. Swim back to the Shallows, CYR ARTHUR, GET SWORD (the kraken
is squeezing you with a tentacle), CUT TENTACLE WITH SWORD; the bracelet
lands in the water (+5W, +7E, +4Q). CYR TURTLE, S, SWIM THROUGH BRACELET
(it catches on your neck, +3W, +1Q) N, pull in head (the bracelet falls
off) CYR ARTHUR, GET ALL (+2Q for bracelet). WEAR BRACELET. Cross the bog
as instructed to the Black Knight who stops you passing him unless you
fight him. He won't fight until you have a decent weapon. He's wearing a
medallion. FIGHT KNIGHT. If your experience is high enough, you'll disarm
him eventually. Then HIT MEDALLION WITH SWORD; he vanishes (+4W, +7E,

When you get hungry on the second day, go to the idiot and SWAP
FOR MOUSE. Then change locations, CYR OWL, EAT MOUSE (+1W, +1E). Go to the
Ledge and EXAMINE DRAGON; a heavy drinker. GIVE JUG TO DRAGON; he drains
it. WAIT till he collapses. CUT HAIR WITH SWORD (+3E, +1Q). IN (+2Q);
you'll see apparitions but ignore them. There is an Ice Room NE where your
breath freezes into blocks of ice which fall and shatter and you will
freeze to death if you stay here too long. Go NW; a basilisk wakes and
starts to look for you. SHOW SHIELD TO BASILISK and it turns itself to
stone (+2W, +5E, +2Q).

Go NE and the door there will say that if you say the password, you can go
through. It even tells you the password - Nudd - but the room is so hot,
you can't speak. You'll die if you stay here too. Return to the Ice Room
and SAY NUDD; the words form into a block of ice which starts to fall, GET
BLOCK and go to the Hot Room. When you get there, the block melts and the
word 'Nudd' comes out. You go through the door. Inside is a girl manacled
to a throne and sitting on the fleece. She begs for freedom and the key to
the manacles is round her neck (+5W, +3Q). GET GOLD KEY, EXAMINE GIRL; she
shimmers slightly. KILL GIRL WITH SWORD; she changes - to Nudd! He says you
may have the fleece if you promise to unlock his manacles. YES. You have to
trick him as freeing him or just leaving with the fleece will end the game.
been tricked, tosses you out and the entrance to the cave collapses (+7W,
+10E, +5Q).

Go back through the bog, reversing the directions. Collect the hawthorn and
silver key from Merlin's bag. Go to the End of the Causeway and GIVE HAIR
TO KNIGHT (+1Q), GIVE FLEECE TO KNIGHT (+1Q); he says you can cross. Pass
him, UNLOCK DOOR WITH SILVER KEY (+1Q). Inside is a woman on a bier. You
will have to wait till the last day to free her (from a hint in the
packaging you must use a hawthorn flower and that blooms on Christmas Day)
so go back outside, wait until night, and sleep.

WAIT till the hawthorn bud flowers. Go back to the woman and TOUCH WOMAN
WITH HAWTHORN; she wakes. She is Nimue and leaves you a gauntlet. She says
you must challenge Lot and fight him on the Field of Honour. If you keep
your wits about you, you'll defeat him and then you must call her name.
Then will Excalibur be yours (+10C, +2Q). GET GAUNTLET (+1Q). For some
extra points, go to the Shallows, change into an eel and go and eat the
tasty minnow in the river (+1W, +1E).

Go to the Castle. The Guard sees the gauntlet and lets you pass. Enter the
Hall and CHALLENGE LOT WITH GAUNTLET; they take all your possessions except
your sword and take you to the Field of Honour. FIGHT LOT WITH SWORD and
during the fight, SHOW BRACELET TO LOT; you drop it, he goes to pick it up.
FIGHT LOT WITH SWORD again and you have your sword against his throat (+7W,
+7E, +4Q). SPARE LOT; he swears loyalty (+10C). CALL NIMUE; the waters of
the lake part revealing a path (+1E, +1Q). S, GET SWORD; you pull it free!!
NB If your chivalry/wisdom aren't high enough, you won't be able to pull
the sword free. Final score, 110C, 103W, 101E, 100Q.

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