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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Alone in the Dark 2 (ENG)
Тип документа : Solution Всего страниц : Текущая : full

Name : Alone in the Dark 2
Producer : Infogrames
Source : Terratron


This solve is mostly for the puzzle aspects of the game. You will obviously
have to do the fighting on your own, and since it is hard to describe which
way you are supposed to go, you may have to wander around a bit and/or try
some rooms until you get the right one. Here goes.


Beat up the gatekeeper. Get the Thompson, recharge and flask. Go down the
path. Kill the guards if you have to. Push the anchor altar down out of the
entryway. Go through. Kill guy who will come after you. Get the photo.
Keep going straight, then turn right. Kill guy who comes after you. Get
flask and recharge. Get the rope which is lying on a card of diamonds on
the ground. Return to main corridor. Keep going straight. Kill guy who
comes. Go up, then right and kill that guy. Continue to end of passage.
Get recharge from the very end. Return to crossroads, go down and kill the
zombie guy. Get book from him. Continue down the passage until you reach
four cards on the ground. Get grappling hook. Combine it with the rope.
Stand on the card of diamonds (the others kill you). You will fall into a
cave. Kill the guy down there. Get the fragment of a notebook. Push the
chest away, get the metal card. The altar at the end of the corridor will
rise. Kill the ghost which will come with any weapon. Get the saber which
the ghost will leave. Place the metal card on the altar. Go to the ladder
(the other way from the entrance). Get flask, go up. Return to crossroads.
Go up and left. Turn left the first chance you get. Kill the gangster, go
down passage. Kill the moving vines with the saber from the ghost. Keep
going. Kill Shorty Leg. Get journal. Use the grappling hook by the statue.
Go down, go back towards the ladder and pick up the five-cent piece. Walk
down the bridge, get the crank from the edge (careful, don't fall). Get paper
bag from across bridge, you can inflate it if you want (it's not really
necessary). Go to the very end. Get the journal page and pipe-cleaner from
the dead body. Use the journal piece. It will combine with the one from the
underground. Use the journal page in front of the door. Use pipe cleaner on
door to push the key out. Use the key to open the door. Kill guy, get
shotgun (You can, I believe, pop the paper bag to make the guy stumble into
the lever which will cause a barrel to throw him off the cliff). Use the
crank at the side of the grandfather clock. Go through the secret door. Get
the book, continue down passage and get shotgun shells, take elevator up.


Kill Music Man (Possibly, you can rip up his contract to kill him) and get
the hook from him. Pick up the board from beside the bucket in the laundry
room. Go through door on the top wall. Kill the two idiots, get shotgun
shells from the table. Shoot or hit (with the board) all four blocks into
diamonds. Kill the guy, go into the winecellar. Get whiskey bottle, and
books. Use 5-cent piece on slot machine by the door. You will win two
tokens. Go back out, kill the guy in his underwear. Get bag with Santa
Claus costume. Put it on. Go upstairs. The cook will not call for help if
you have the Santa Claus costume on (I think...I didn't put it on and he
got all the guys on this level to come after me). Go into the kitchen,
killing any guys who get in your way. Watch the trident which the statue will
throw at you. It takes some fancy footwork to avoid it. Get the wine from
the counter in the kitchen, the poison from beside the dumbwaiter, and eggs
and frying pan from table (optional). Use the poison to poison the wine.
Go into adjoining room. Get billiard ball from the Christmas tree. Place the
wine by the door opposite the statue. The two guys will die from the poison.
Before you go through, get the crown off the statue. Go through the newly-
opened door. Put both tokens in the music machine. Get the doublon from the
floor in the middle of the room. Go into the bedroom, get bullet-proof vest
and Thompson from the room. Go back, and go upstairs. Open the door. Go
into the door by the bottom of the screen. Beat up the guy in the billiard
room. Get the cane and revolver from him. Get book and 1/2 parchment from
the bookcase. Put the billiard ball in the plinko machine (you have to stand
in front of it). Go back out to the corridor. Go through the door at the
end of the corridor. Kill the sword-bearing arms in the corner of the room
with the cane from the billiard room. Get the other 1/2 parchment from
pedestal. Combine them. Put the crown from the statue on the bust of the
queen. Go into the adjoining room with all the weird faces. Get the amulet
from the ground. You'll float up. Get the message and flask from the room.
Get out of room. Kill the ninja and gunman who come at you. Get the grenade
and key from them. Get a Thompson and recharge from the chest. Go into room
opposite the chest. Use the doublon in the jack-in-the-box. Get tassel
(pompoon). Go through the remaining door. There will be the clown. Throw
the pompoon through the doorway into the room with the snakes (you have to
be standing right in the doorway). The clown will chase it and draw off the
snakes. Head for the hole (if you didn't kill all the guys down there,
you can throw the grenade down the hole to kill them). Climb down. Go
upstairs. Use the key on door in the billiard room. After the speech, use
the hook on the grates in front of you to get out of the cell. Go downstairs,
go as if you were going towards the kitchen. Elizabeth will capture you.
After the speech, you will control the girl.


Walk up to the planks covering the wall (the small ones). You will open the
doorway. Get sack of grain, sandwich and pepper shaker from the table.
Give grain to parrot. Go out, move left and hide behind the wall (in the
little opening) on the other side of the ladder (you can't climb up that one).
Then run behind the pirate to where he came from and go up that ladder.
Go up to the top deck. Go behind the fat guy with the stick, between the
hatch you just came from and the boxes. Walk all the way to the side of the
ship that way to avoid them seeing you. Pick up the cannon lighter on the
deck and climb down the hatch (only one side will let you go down). Open
the chest in the cabin. Get the small cannon. Get the crystal glass from
the bookcase. Get the captain's stick from beside the bed (kind of in the
closet). Use the small cannon. Use the pepper shaker and walk up to the
cannon when you have the pepper shaker in hand. Throw the crystal anywhere,
as long as it breaks. This will attract a pirate to come into the room. Use
the cannon lighter from the top deck and walk up to the cannon (again with
the cannon lighter in hand) to fire the cannon and kill the guy (make sure
he is in the way when you fire, as you only have one shot). Get the bell
from the corridor. Go into door opposite the one you just came from.
Get the chicken claw from the table. Ring the bell beside the dumbwaiter
(the thing by the windows) and get into it quickly when it opens. You will
get a key. You will now be back in the house. Use the key by the cabinet
which is standing right beside the door to the room with the Christmas tree.
You will get an ice cube and molasses. Go out into the main hall (where the
statue is). A guy will begin to come after you. Use either the molasses or
the ice cube right in the doorway to the kitchen and retreat a bit. The
guy will either slip and kill himself, or get permanently stuck in the
molasses-your choice. Go upstairs. Use the remaining item to get rid of
the guy waiting in the staircase. Go into the corridor. Go into the
billiard room. Get the token if you want, but it is useless. Anyway, go
into the room with the cell. Walk right up to the desk which is kind of
beside the cell and use the captain's stick from the ship. You will get a
key and some reading material. Also, the door to the other bedroom will open.
Go into that room (the one with the bust of the queen). Go into the room
with the altar (where you got the amulet before) and place the captain's stick
on the square in front of the altar. It will get changed into a Lao's stick
or something like that. Go back down and go into the kitchen. There will
be a new goon in the kitchen, so lead him back over the ice cube or molasses
which you left in the doorway. Ring the bell by the dumbwaiter again and
climb in. When you get out, the two small cooks will catch you. You will
now get control of the guy again, with the key lying on the ground.


You will now control the guy's arms. Reach down and pick up the key and use
it to get out of your chains. Beat up the guy in the cell and get the
pirate's saber. Go out through the big door this time. Kill the guy in
the parrot room. Get the thompson and flask. Go out into the corridor.
Kill that pirate. Get the pirate gun and short fuse. Go into the room
opposite the one you came out of. Kill both the guys. Pick up the well-
used key, fire poker and pliers from that room. Go out, go to the other door.
Use the well-used key to open it. This is the powder room. Don't use any
sort of a gun in here, or you'll blow up the entire ship. Use the saber
to kill the fencer. HINT: do the overhead strike, which he'll block, and
immediately follow it up with a sideways strike to hit him. Get the book
and barrel of powder from this room. OPTIONAL: If you want, you can go
behind the ladder and open those two doors. There is nothing important in
any of them, just some chainmail suits which can be used as temporary
protection. Go up the ladder. Open the door right beside the ladder
(depending on the one you went up), and kill the sleeping guy (shooting a
gun will wake him up). Get pirate pistol ammunition. Use pliers and walk up
to the barrel of the cannon, where the wires are attached to cut them.
Select the push option and just walk up to the side of cannon, where there
is a sort of a handle to turn it and point it at the adjacent room. Walk into
the room across the hall. Place the powderkeg in the entryway without
waking up any of the guys. Go back into the cannon room, use the wick at the
back of the cannon. Use the firepoker to light the wick and watch the
bunkroom blow up. Go in there and pick up the bag of gold and the flask.
Use the bag of gold in the corridor by the two locked doors. One will open.
Kill the two cooks. Go into the kitchen. Open the room to the pantry.
Kill the big cook. Get the metal card from him. Go back to the corridor
and use the metal card on the door opposite the kitchen to open it. You
will be captured by Elizabeth again and you will become the girl.

Use the cane of Lao which you got from the altar room in the house and walk
up to the statue of Captain Nichols to open the door. Go through.
Walk up to the altar. You won't be able to approach it, so use the chicken
claw and watch Elizabeth die. You will now retake control of the man.

Some big ugly brute will rise out of the ground against you. I don't think
you can kill him, so just leave the room, and climb up one of the ladders to
the top deck. Kill all the guys you can (2 fat guys and Music Man). Get the
hook from Music Man again. The ninja will take Captain Nichols' sword.
Go to the central mast and climb up. Kill the guy up there. Use the hook
from Music Man by the rope on the platform to swing across. You will have
to fight the ninja on a beam. If you fall off the beam, you die. Kill him,
get Captain Nichols' sword. Now jump off the beam. Walk towards the central
mast again. Avoid One Eyed Jack for now. Use the pliers and walk up to the
girl. You will free her. Now walk up to the cannon (the one that is lighted
and pointed at the mast) to extinguish the wick. Now you will have to face
One Eyed Jack one-on-one. You can only hit him with Captain Nichols' sword,
so start chopping away at him with it. He'll get up a couple of times after
going down, but he will stay down eventually. Just watch the ending as One
Eyed Jack blows himself up.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! The ending could have been better.

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