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Веселая ферма 3

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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Bloodnet
Тип документа : Help Всего страниц : 2 Текущая : 1

Bloodnet from Microprose 11/06/93

--=[ INTRO ]=--
You're Ransom Stark... a brilliant hacker with an attitude. You have
been tricked into becoming dinner for a vampire named Abraham Van Helsing.
Now, the only thing coming between becoming a vampire and you is your neural
link. Too bad the link will last for only a few days. The link gives you two
suggestions. Find Deirdre Tackett's WELL with the address "hope" to see if any
of her text files can cure you and look through the notes on your hand-held
computer. You don't have much time... can your skills in cyberspace save you?


1 - Calls up a menu comatining your character's stats. Also gives you
access to the inventory menu.
F1 - Combat menu
F2 - View menu: Look, examine, and use items. Also lets you search
the area and access your map.
F3 - Party menu: Dismiss or rest members of your group.
F4 - Deck menu: For connecting to cyberspace and examining your
Deck Unit.
F5 - Computer menu: Gives you commands for your hand-held computer.
F6 - Game menu: Lets you turn sound off/on, save/load games, restart
game, quit, and view the credits.
ESC - Aborts menus and brings up a menu in cyberspace.

Left Button - Go in the direction you are clicking in. Also puts stuff
you have picked up into your inventory.
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