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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Blue Force (ENG)
Тип документа : Solution Всего страниц : Текущая : full

What is the first thing I should do?

Simple. Go to the briefing, the door on the north wall.

Where should I go first?

Go to the Jamison & Ryan building, and write a parking ticket.

Where's my ticket book?

It's in a compartment on your bike; it's on the right.

What should I do when I'm at the Marina?

First talk to the lady with the boy. Then use the radio on
your bike, you'll need backup. Use the radio codes, 10-97
and 10-35. Inform Doug (your partner) of the situation,
and proceed to the boat.

I keep getting shot by the gunman in the boat, what do I do?

Make sure you have your gun drawn when approaching doors.

He has the boys mother at gunpoint, how do I take control of the

Don't drop your gun, and keep on talking to Bradford Green.
Then cuff him, get his gun off the bed, and search him, and
don't forget to read him his rights. Tell Doug to take him
away, and comfort the mother Laura. Radio the dispatch, use
10-27, 10-15, and 10-98.

How do I read him his rights?

The Miranda card is also in the compartment in you bike.

Where do I go after the bust on the boat?

Go to the City Jail to book Bradford Green.

How do I book a criminal?

Get a booking slip from the box on the wall. Use the
criminal's license on the windowed box to fill out the form.
Give the completed form to Larry.

What should I do after booking Green?

Go back to the Police Department. Make sure you turn in all
the evidence to Barry, the gun and knife. Then put your
copy of the booking slip into Sgt. Sutter's mail slot.
Look at bulletin board for new information.

The gang members keep blowing me away, what do I do?

Radio for backup, use 10-97 and 10-35. After your backup
has arrived, talk to the gang member for information,
then cuff him, read him his rights, and search him. Talk
to the other gang member, talk to him and then tell Doug
to cuff him. Then search the truck.

What are the items I find in the truck?

You should find bullets in the font dash, and a wig and an
Assault Rifle behind the seat. Hit the grey lever to move
the seat. After the search, radio again 10-98, 10-27, and

Where to now?

Go to the City Jail and book him. The same procedure as with
Bradford Green. Then go to PD, and turn in evidence to
Barry. Put booking copy in mail slot. Change clothes and
go home.

Where do I find the card for the kid?

Go to the screen right of the dock, on the lower level.
There's a billboard there; check it out. Take the note and
show it to your friend in the boat shop; he has the card.

Where to I find the kid on the beach?

You have to throw the stick for the dog a couple times, then
look at the piece of new wood he brings back. Then throw
the stick again, and the dog will go find the boy.

Where do I go the next day?

Go to Lyle's office as requested. Show him the wood you found
on the beach.

Lyle needs something for a solid lead.

Give him the computer printout of the Cobb file on your dad's

What's the password to the computer file?

It's "Jackie" of course, your mother's name.

The D.A. let's all my criminals off the hook, what's the deal?

Don't worry about it, there's nothing you can do.

How do I clean my gun?

There's a cleaning kit in the PD, it's on the shelf next to
the briefing room.

How do I get the drunk out of the car?

Check your partner's trunk. There's a center punch in the
kit. Use it on the window. Don't forget to radio, 10-15
and 10-98.

What should I do when Lyle runs some errands?

You should look at the file on his desk. Get the microfilm
out of the file, and check it out with the viewing machine.

You still need another lead?

Use the printouts on the Fax Machine, and fax `em to the Police.

The people in the bar don't tell me much, I'm stuck???

Did you get the mug shot? Go to the PD, and show Cobb's Rap
sheet to Barry, he'll give you what you need.

Kate Pritchard at the bar won't give me anymore info???

Show her you badge, she'll help you out.

The bowling alley employee isn't very cooperative, what should I do?

Again; use the badge.

I found Forest Follet at the Alley Cat, but he's not talking?

Show him the APB notice for him.

Where do I get the APB notice for Forest Follet?

It's in the PD, in the basket on the shelf next to the evidence

The trailer is locked, how do I get in?

Did you get the key from the Alley Cat? Talk to the worker at
the bowling alley, and he'll give you the key Follet left

What do I need to find in the trailer?

Pick up the boots, and look at them. Then look at the heel, and
move the heel. You'll find the schedule of arms shipments at
the island warehouse. Then show the schedule to Lyle.

How do I rent a boat?

Give a coupon your friend at the boat shop. Take the rental keys.

I've been on the island, and gone back to Lyle's office, he's not there.
Did I miss something?

You need to get into the warehouse.

How do I unlock the gate at the warehouse?

You need to search the Future Wave for a hidden key.

I can't get into the Future Wave; it's locked, how do I get the keys
from the rental shop?

Show him your coin that you got from you den at home, then
when he's checking out the coin in back, snag the keys.

Where's the coin?

There's a brown box on the shelf in the computer room of your
house. The coin is in the safe.

What's the combination to the safe?

Your father's badge is in the case on the wall. His badge
number was 172, that's the combo.

Ok I've searched the Future Wave, where's the key?

It's hidden in the plant.

How do I keep the dog from attacking me?

Use the fishing net on him.

Where's the fishing net?

The fishing net is on the docks across from the rental boat.

How do I open the secret door in the warehouse?

You have to get the black chord that's lying on the
forklift. Use the plug on the generator, turn on the
generator. Use the other end on the power box. There are
two hidden panels in the box, plug it in there, then flip
the switch on the top hidden panel.

I went back to meet Lyle, and the ATF still doesn't have enough evidence?

Give him the assault rifle you got from the warehouse.

I didn't cover my tracks at the warehouse, what do I need to do?

Make sure you put everything back the way you found it. Put
all the switches in the switch box back the way they were,
and return the chord to the forklift. Also be sure to lock
the doors and remove the net off the dog.

How do I remove the net off the dog?

Use the the fishing hook on the net. You can find the hook on
the dock in the fire box.

How do I get Green to come out of the boat?

You need to put the fuel, rags, and a flare in the air vent.
The air vent is on the right, above the ladder.

Where is the fuel and rags?

The bottle of fuel and rags are in the crate on the beach,
where you dock on the island.

Where do I get the flare?

It's in the compartment on the side of the boat.

How do I open the compartment, it's locked?

Use the screwdriver, it's in the seat pocket of the rental boat.

Green has a live grenade, what do I do?

Talk to him, cuff him and search him.
(If you shoot him here, you'll blow his brains out! :)

How do I kill the goon with the rifle?

Throw the grenade!

How do I get in the warehouse the second time, the dog keeps chomping
on me and I don't have the net?

Use the whistle; you get it off the guy you nuke with the
grenade. Just search his body.

What do I do when I enter the warehouse for the second time, I keep
on getting shot?

Close the secret door, until Lyle can back you up.

What do I do to arrest Nico and the D.A., I have no cuffs?

Talk to him until he puts his gun down. Use the yellow chord
hanging on the wall. Tie `em up with the chord and search `em.
Talk to the ATF and watch the ending!


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