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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

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t-REX aSCi|bY iNfERNAl flAMEs<fOG>
,""|"" |, """"||"""""""""|""""""|""""""""" "|||"",,, """"",
,| ||| ", ", ,|,,|, | ||| |
| |,,|||,,| ,| ||,,|,||| ,| ,,,,,||| |||||" ,||||| |,
| | ||| |||" "||| ||| "|| | "||, ,|"|" | |
| ||| ||| ,||| ||| ,|| " "|,,|| | |
| ||| ||" ,||| "|, " ,||, " ", ,||"|, ||
,| ||| | ||||| "|,,, ""|, ,|,"|| "|,,, |"
| ||| |||"| ||||||,,|",,,||||",| ,||||||,, |
| ||" | "|" """|" | | | "|" |
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| |" | |
| |

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|||,, ,,|||
"|| " " ||"
||| | .... BONeHeAD // t-REX! pRESENTS .... | |||
| |
| ----------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| |
| |
| |
| --------------------------[ Solver's Rating ]-------------------------- |
| |
| [+]++++[+]++++[+] |
| ^ ^ ^ |
| Puke, this sux! Nice one! Whoa! It rocks! |
| |
| GRAPHIX: ++++[+]+++++ PUZZLES: ++++++[+]+++ |
| SOUND: +++++[+]++++ PLAYABILITY: ++++++[+]+++ |
| OVERALL: ++++++[+]+++ |
| |
| This game is 4 years old, but it hadn't been released on PC until |
| late '95 (only on CD-i console). This explains sadly outdated |
| graphics and poor quality video. But it's still a very thrilling |
| game, the grand-father of all those Cyberias and Johnny-Mnemonics, |
| full of futuristic look and feel. It's got a nice twist also: |
| you got to finish it in 2 hours, if you fail - you lose. This |
| adds pretty much tension. If you don't have this - get it, it's |
| not the best game in the world as the advertisement says, but |
| fun for days indeed (if you don't use the walkthru :) ). |
| |
| The game is pretty easy - the main trick is to appear at the right |
| time in the right place to do the right thing. So the solve is |
| pretty basic too. I won't spoil the puzzles for you, 'cause some |
| of them are random and you too have to think sometimes, eh? :) |
||| | | |||
,|| , , ||,
|||"" ""|||
", ,"
... Header Edited.by.BONeHeAD ...
Abbreviations: A is AHEAD, L - LEFT, R - RIGHT.
To look at something right click on it.
To use something - left click.
To place something in your inventory left click and drag it to lower part
of the screen.
One hint: SAVE before every puzzle and in-game. They can be time-consuming.

Grab the communications device to your inventory.

Thru the corridors - F, L, R, F, R, F, L, F, L.

Look at the bomb in your inventory, click ARM, place it on the door, L.

A, to the door.

Search Kris's body for a key and Karmic Card.

A, use key on lifter's lock.

Look at the dashboard, click POWER, then SYSTEM. Look L, use arrows and
lock the cursor on Urban Central. Look R, click VTD.

Shoot the projectiles fired at you.

A, to the Buddhist church. A, use console, use Card on console. Solve
the shapes puzzle - make the shapes look like a circle again. They
are always placed randomly, so I can't help you any more than that.

Exit, A. Find Omni Bar, enter.

A, R, A, to the gambling room.

A, A, L, A, use Card on console. Play Psychic Roulette game. You have to
select the shapes to make a triagle before your opponent does. You
can't select the shapes that are already chosen.

After you finally win, use card on the terminal of Asky man (in black).
L, A, R, A, back to the bar.

Go to barstand. Among all of the prizes find Delta 6 Metaneural. Take

A, R, A, A. Use lever to release the TeleVerse terminal.

Use card on slot. Click on top icon to see the new mail. Click on middle
icon to enter the link. Exit the TeleVerse.

A, talk to Zip. When he offers trade, give him Delta 6. You'll get the
codecard and NanoTri-Zamisof, whatever it is.

Exit. Shoot 2 gangsters. You'll get a pager from Gala.

Go to Hotel Entrance. Use pager.

Use codecard on agent's minicomputer. Find the combination of numbers
that сoncurs with the holes in the card. Enter the combination from
the keyboard. Use all the menus.

A, A, to the elevator.

Press UP, A, A, turn R, to the door.

A, A. Look at the lock. Connect all 3 contacts (red, green, blue)
with wires. Do it fast or the bomb in the safe will blow up.

Take everything from the safe. Gala will give you a green ball.

L, A, R, A. Use ventilation grille. Use smoke bomb on grille. Click and
drag the scanner switch along the spectrum bar - you have to follow
the movements of the spectral analyzer above. When you have enough
visible range, you will move ahead automatically.

A, to the Bar. Talk to Zip, buy a detail from him.

Return to parking lot. Open lifter's hood, click OPEN. Take out the
burnt detail, use new on slot, click CLOSE. Open the panel and move
the 3 reflectors to make the lazer beam touch all 3 receivers.

Shoot off the projectilles.

A, use LockBreaker on door. Make all 4 indicators go 100% by sending the
colored light beams at them. Use reflectors to point the beams right

A, talk to doc. Use green ball on hologram reader, use console. Rotate
the image with cursor keys to make it look like a violet face of
some induist god. L, A.

Inside TeleVerse you can change your location by clicking in the lower
part of screen (where your inventory was).
A. On the screen find a place called ComPort, go there.

Go to Cortex, try the code on door.

Go to Comport again.

Go to Nirvana. Visit the tree. Click on all the faces on walls to
hear what they say. Exit the tree, A, A, talk to Buddha. Look at
the tree. Find a combination of shapes (big, medium, small) that
makes you hear the voice of Dealey, the man from your memories. Click
on the leaf that produced this sound.

Exit. Shoot the particles of Rage's body, so that he becomes fragmented
and releases the second piece of your code.

Go to ComPort, Cortex, ComPort again, then to Nirvana. Click on the
Buddha's forehead (where his third eye is).

Go to Cortex.

A, A, A, A. In the Brain Maze game you must lead the antivirus with the
cursor to the center of your brain, avoiding green and black virus

A, look at the mirror - boy, you're in for a surprise!

Click on lever. Try all switches until you find the one which says ACCESS

In hotel room shoot 2 agents.

In SpacePort go A, use ticket machine.



Done by BONeHeAD // tRX
(c) moral rights reserved

Huge kudos to the whole t-REX and tRXNet bunch!

10-14.02.96 A.D. 17:59

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