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Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Betrayl in Antara
Тип документа : Hint Всего страниц : 4 Текущая : 3

underground spring--don't even bother trying. If you find the friendly
Montari you have pratically found the spring, by the way. Go due east after
speaking with him and follow the tunnel behind him northwards afterwards.
Plant the dowsing rod by the creek and take a least a minute to go open the
treasure chest on the opposite wall in that cavern before hightailing it out
of there.

Return to Midova. You might think about taking the Northern route and
explore 1.) the earlier mentioned canyons between Imazi and Aliero--along
the south-west wall 2.) the mines just north-west of Aliero. Make sure you
buy a pick in Aliero first, and get a chance to use Aren's Moonglow and
Jewel finding spells as well. Okay... when you get to Midova and try and
give the moneylender the mage's jewels you are going to encounter a BIG
problem. He won't, in any way, acknowledge that you HAVE them. This drove me
crazy and I wound up wandering half the kingdom looking for some uncompleted
task to finish. There is no uncompleted task--this is just an interface
problem. If you try dragging and dropping the jewels on the moneylender in
the store view, it won't work. If you try cashing in the jewels for money to
give the moneylender, it won't work. The only way to get him to take them is
to enter the conversation mode with the moneylender and THEN move your mouse
to the bottom of the window, pull open the Character inventory and then drop
the jewels on the little inventory portrait of the moneylender.

Now things will progress quickly. The moneylender returns the goods to the
storekeeper, the storekeeper gives you your Tea and the High Mage will
FINALLY talk to you.

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