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Веселая ферма 3

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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Captive
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Complete Help.

Generale tips for CAPTIVE
By Delporte E.

- Collect all gold dropped by dead aliens.
- Open every cupboard, it was put there for a reason. Empty
ones may contain a secret switch.
- If the password is not accepted by the computer, look for
- Doors do not function after the generators are blown, so
keep them open or you may be trapped.
- Powerpoints run dry when generators are blown, so get
power first.
- Make sure you are well armed, fixed and fully powered
before you leave the base, since you may not find a shop
for some time.
- Use powerpoints as a weapon, by sticking your hand in it.
- Players with higher dexterity hit harder and better.
- Players with higher vitality dodge hits better.
- Players with higher wisdom gain more experience.
- Map well.
- Initiate all droid chips.
- Never leave a base without a planetprobe to enable you to
find the next.
- Remember to go up skills, this is very important in the
early levels because skills are gained fast.
- Save your game often, making sure to nunber each saved
game differently. You may do something silly like lock
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