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Веселая ферма 3

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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: "Chronicles Of The Sword" walkthrough by Darkshee
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"Chronicles Of The Sword" walkthrough by Darksheer
Notes: this game is one of the worst adventures I
have played in my life (sorry Psygnosis but its true).
Keep difficulty on easy setting or you may dislike
this game even more than me.
Take a note that some of hotspots are so easily missed
on the screen so please if you cant find a spot I have
described dont give up.

Talk to Lancelot. Wander through all rooms in castle to
get acquainted with surroundings and locations. Sometimes
an item can be seen from more than one location - if you cant
interact with it from one - you may be able from another
(for instance a well in Tintagel).
While you do you must find a candle from candlestick in the
dining room with fireplace. Light the candle using it on fire
in fireplace. Also pick up a lantern from throne room and use
it on your candle to make up a lit lantern. At Wilf's stables
(Wilf is a man who sits on the barrel) take a scoop and a bucket.
At smith's pick up a horseshoe. Go into tower's door (the one
with ivy growing to the right of it). There click on the torch
- this opens grate. Use lantern on darkness and then enter cave.
Pick up mushroom. There is a hotspot in the water (to the left of
the board above water) - click on it to get a skull. Use scoop on
skull to get rubies from it. Go further into cave. Get a dagger
and a cup from altar and then return to the place where you pulled
torch. Ascend stairs and use sword on seahorse's eye (precisely).
A wall will slide so you can proceed to Merlin's room. Try taking
... Далее >>

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