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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Colonization
Тип документа : Cheats Всего страниц : 4 Текущая : 1

Cheat & Tips By Lu Richardson.

My first tip to you is that you cheat - cheating can turn a tedious
game into a thrilling one, so never be afraid to do so. I got
nowhere in this game (everyone was very nasty to me and kept bashing
me and stealing from me, woo-hoo, sniff, sniff) until I gave myself
more money so that I could buy plenty of muscle. Unfortunately it
is not so easy to tamper with the variables, since the offset to
change keeps moving in the file - but see how much money you have,
convert this figure to hexadecimal, search through the saved file
(with NU or any other editor) until you spot it and then change it
to 88 13 for 5,000 bucks, 18 10 for 10,000, or 50 C3 for 50,000.
You might have to do this more than once.

Right, that's that. The next thing to do is to get yourself
organized. I will assume that this is your first attempt at playing
and that you've chosen the easiest option. Even so, the program
goes a bit over the top, in my view, as the game advances; and you
are going to have so many balls up in the air, a few are bound to
come crashing down on your head. Let's see what we can do to
minimize the damage.

As the game starts, direct your ship left to the land but don't make
a landfall until you find a spot in which there are free squares
with food (plain fields, deer, fish in the sea), timber and,
preferably, mineral deposits. Make sure there are no Indian
villages too near you. It might be a good idea to save your game
right at the outset and move your ship about in order to disclose
the best spots on which to land - you will notice the very best are
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