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Веселая ферма 3

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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

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cuffs. You are free! But how are you going to leave the room? Try kicking
the wall. Take clip. Use clip on the keyhole to open the door. Leave this
fucking room. Pick up aquarium and all precious stones on the floor. Try to
avoid axes but that doesn't really matter. Leave the tower by going west.
WOW!!! Just don't think that the game is over by now. It is simply the way
they created the scenery. When you are under water wear aquarium. Free fish.
Wait till it brings you a shell. Pick up shell. There is also a coin behind
the rock. Pick it up. Go left. You will see a kind of little dump on the
sea floor. Look in it. Take worm. Go to Mr.Fish and talk to him. Give a worm
to him. Go left. Give shell to a turtle and it will take you over the
shocks. Pick up wipe. Fight shark wit a wipe. Go left. When the shell
closes jump over it. Left again. When you see a big cork operate your wipe
on it. You ought to be in the cave right now. Pick up grass and push a
button on the wall. When you're in a cave pick up as many rocks of different
size as you can and bring them to the stone roller. You will find him
somewhere on the edge of the cave. Keep on bringing him rocks until he
gives you a rope. I want mention the direct place of every object for they
are really simple to find. So find a computer and a branch. The branch is in
the room with holes. Get branch and grass together. Go to the room with
a big rock. Take plank and put it on the rock. Now throw computer on plank.
Take magnet. Jump down. Attach rope to magnet. Go to the room where you got
the computer and get a roll of wire from the hole using magnet. Go to mud
creature place and attach wire to hooks. Get mud when creature leaves it on
wire. Attach mud to grass&branch. Pick up a coin somewhere on the ground.
Go to the well. It will be repaired by now. Throw coin in the well. You
can try any of three wishes for fun but what you really need is a helmet. Go
to the place where rocks are always falling down and wear helmet. When you
are on the other side enter the room and get in bucket. Wear grass&branch&mud
and the bucket will be raised. Fresh air at last! GOOD! Go towards town. On
your way to the town a man will jump out and run at you. When he falls take
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