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Веселая ферма 3

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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

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waiting to
nail you when the doors open.

Arcade 9: Arm Self-Destruct

Enter VR one last time at the doc's desk and find the self-destruct arming
sequence. Shoot
all the colored squares that are spinning around the sphere. You have one
minute to destroy
them all to arm the destruct mechanism.

Action 5: Escape

Doc's office is heavily guarded at this point so don't use the elevator to
leave. Instead, hit
one of the white buttons on the doc's computer to trip the security and send
you plunging to the
basement. It's okay this time - you are armed. The nano-dudes attack in small
swarms so blast
away. As you walk down the halls you must give a wide berth (and I mean
opposite side of the
hall) to the yellow pyramid devices on the walls. Get too close and you go
BOOM! The basement
is setup like a small maze but your main objective is to reach the far end and
go in the right
gate. You will go up some stairs and will be able to shoot a small silver
electrical box from
across the room. Exit this short hall and turn left. Follow the hall around,
shooting the nano's
along the way. A blue device is on the outside of the last turn into the big
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