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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

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Typed by: The Silent Assasin

Go West, South, South, PICKUP bent metal bar, North, North, East, East,
PICKUP piece of circuit board, East, stay in the middle of the place and
wait till the spinning asteroid will show up and JUMP on it (if you fail
the first time, just wait and try again :), Go East (wait), JUMP on the duct
and you should be back in the place you started the game. Here stand near
the satellite dish and INSERT bent metal bar into panel, INSERT circuit board
into panel, USE panel, the terminal menu will show up, select CONNECT CHANNEL
option and GAVRIC HOMEWORLD, USE panel again, select SET FILTRATION SYSTEM
and GAVRIC HOMEWORLD (should be OFF, if its ON, try again), Go North, Stand
near the ventilation shaft to the left of the screen and PUSH/PULL it. You
should come out at the same planetoid as in the beginning of the game,
PICKUP mirror, repeat all the steps with the spinning asteroid and go to
the room with the ventilation shaft again. Go North-West to another place,
Here on the right of the screen is the doorway with 2 lasers over it, THROW
mirror at the doorway and the lasers should get burned (You can do it only
if the robot that is moving on the screen is outside), the Alien will tell
you to go and see Silphinaa, USE door console at the northern doorway, talk
with Silphinaa until she will allow you inside, enter, say that you don't
know where you are, read the rest of conversiation until she will tell you
to go upstairs, ATTACK keypad (on the door) with bent metal bar, OPEN
wardrobe, WEAR suit (its inside the wardrobe), USE arm computer on
the console over the bed, USE console, select WINDOW SHUTTER option, JUMP
through the window, USE arm computer on the car, JUMP into car, INSERT
key-card into console to the left of the screen, USE anti-theft keypad
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