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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Police Quest ][
Тип документа : Solution Всего страниц : Текущая : full

Police Quest ][
Day 1

Get the keys from the ignition and then open your glove box and get
everything in there. Exit your car and go to the station door. Open it
(DUH!) then go strait into the locker room, your locker is by the sink
and the combination is on the back of your Busines card (In the Glove
box) but thats to hard so its 36-4-12. Get everthing in the locker and
close it, go to your office (to your left as you leave the locker room)
listen to the stuff the chief says and go to your desk, sit down and
open your drawer, get the stuff in it and look in the basket on your
desk. Go get keys from the rack, get a picture from bains file in the
cabinet and go to the entrance room, theres a desk like thing there
that has your feild kit in it which you need. Take it and go to the
target practice range. Get ear protection and go to an empty stall and
shoot once. Lower your gun and view the target. Type Look Target and it
will tell you whats wrong with your gun. Adjust your Gun it when you
look at the target it says adjusted correctly or something. Leave the
station and put the feild kit in the trunk of the blue car. Drive to
the jail. Put your gun in the locker and close it. Push the button and
walk to the circle thing and type "Show ID" go in and ask for bains file
the guy will give you a new file, get that picture. Go get your gun and
drive to the mall. open the box in the corvette car and get the bullets
and the holster. Now exit the car and ask the lady about her plates.
Now go use your radio and drive to the cove. Talk to the lady about the
the blood. Oh, talk to the lady first you know "TALK TO LADY" then
draw your gun and load it and go to the left. when bains jumps out,
shoot the gun, he'll get scared and leave, be carefull or you'll get
run over. Now go to the the red marks by the river and get blood (If
you forgot to get the feild kit out of the trunk, do it now then come
back). Also make a cast of the footprints, go look in the trash and
then search it. Read the name tag and go talk to Keith. Look in your
wallet for the Scuba Card and get take 2 and everthing else you need
(Flippers, belt, suit, vest). Exit the van and your now in the river.
There are three things you get down here, on the middle screen by the
rocks around the middle of the screen, keep looking at the ground till
you find and object, get it. Go left to next screen and look ground till
you find another object, get it. Go Right twice and theres a little
round red spot, go look at it (its by the rocks) move the rock, look
hand, get hand, then get body. Search the body, look at the hole and
look at the throat. go get dressed and go drive to the airport.
Look in the black car, and look at the plates. Go north and push the
button. Cross the street and buy a rose. Go in and walk to the the
lady teller, show her your badge, show her the picture, ask for flights
Then go buy a ticket to houston. Go to the rental car place and show
your badge to the lady teller, show picture and ask for rentals.
Now go to the plane, show your badge to the guard and go on the plane
put on your belt buckle and then when the lady talks to you say "Yes"
Now go drive to the office. Go to the evidence window and type "Give
Evedence" Now go to your office and... oh, get your field kit before
going in the station. now drop the keys, go to the lokcer room and
put all your stuff you got out of the locker back in. now go to your
office, sit and call Marie 555-4169. Type hi then yes, now go drive
in your own car, to arnies. Go sit, order meat loaf, kiss marie,eat,
give rose, kiss till you leave the resturant.

Day 2

Get stuff out of locker, look in your message basket get your kit if
you put it back, get keys, go to murder at warehouse, look trunk,
search body, get corner, look trunk, move body, look trunk, get note
,exit trunk, get blood, enter car, use radio, drive to inn, go to man
in window, show badge, show picture, ask about cole, use radio, call
for backup, call for search warrant, talk to chuck (Guy by cop car)
go get a key from the guy in the window when you get the warrant, stand
by the side of the door, open the door, wait for gas to clear, go in,
get blood with your field kit, look under bed from all sides, get lip-
stick, go in bathroom, get card, go to car, use radio, drive to maries
house, open door to house, look ashtray, dust ashtray, use tape, look
in sofa and chair, get paper by ashtray, drive to office, go talk to
chief, give card to cheif, go call colby 407-555-3323. talk to him
about bains, go give all the evidence, go to the airport, buy ticket
to Steelton, use phone, call Steelton Police 407-555-2677. Talk about
bains then buy the ticket to steelton, go get on the plane OOPS! before
you leave the station, you have to go readjust your gun! ok, back to
the airport. Ok, show your badge and go on the plane, sit, buckle your
seat belt and then get water, wait for hijackers unbuckle belt, load
gun, when the lady gets thrown down, hit F8 then F10, when the next
guy comes out, hit F10 again, go search both of them... you'll get
wirecutters, an ID and a how-to-make a bomb list. now, go in the
bathroom and open up the dispenser and do the following:
1. Cut Yellow Wire
2. Cut Blue wire
3. Cut Purple Wire
4. Conect Yellow Wire
5. Cut white wire
6. Cut Yellow Wire

Now you go sit again, wait, get the radio in the guys office. Go north
then north again. Use the radio when the guy tries to mug you. Read
him his rights and then question him, now go south then east. look
ground around the manhole cover. Climb the Ladder, go east and then
go east and south till theres a way to go left. open the cabinet and
get the mask, go back to the right and then go south till you can turn
again, now go in the door, Calm Marie, when bains comes, hide behind
the pipe on the left wall and draw and load your gun when bains draws,
shoot him alot. You won...

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