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GENERAL STRATEGYStealthThe best way to avoid combat is to use stealth,
period. If your enemies never hear you coming, they won't know to turn
around and look for you. This is especially true if your enemy currently has
his back turned. Sound carries, and walking on a tile or metal surface makes
considerable noise. Your moss arrows will come in very handy for helping you
stay quiet on otherwise noisy surfaces.Surprise The natural accompaniment to
stealth is surprise. Attacking from surprise is a tremendous benefit to
you. If your enemies don't know you're in the area and their guard is down,
they will often fall to a single strike of your sword, a well-placed arrow,
or one shot with yourblackjack. Height Rope arrows are more than simply a
method of climbing up to hard-to-reach places. One of the real benefits of
these arrows is that they allow you to get above your enemies. Whenever you
can, attack your enemies from above. Most of the time, enemies alerted to
your presence by an attack or noise will look on the same level that they're
on. They don't tend to look up. Because of this, even alerted enemies are
easy to kill by sniping. Darkness Like stealth, you can use darkness in
several important ways. Staying in the shadows and using your ability to
hide will keep you out of almost as many fights as moving quietly. If an
enemy hears you but can't see you, there is no way he can attack. Unless an
area is brightly lit, try to stick to the shadows as much as possible, even
when there are no apparent enemies around. One of the more useful items you
carry on virtually every mission is your water arrows. Using them to douse
torches allows you to set up ambushes in areas that would otherwise be
bright, making you easy to spot. Thieving Strategies Skillful theft, and not
combat, is the main goal of Thief. In many of your missions, you'll be
required not only to achieve a major goal but also to steal other items of
worth. Even when you've met your goals in terms of your objectives of
stealing, grabbing additional loot is always worthwhile. The more money you
can collect, the more you can equip yourself for subsequent missions. Often,
all that stands between having an extra healing potion in the next mission
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