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Веселая ферма 3

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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Return To Zork (ENG)
Тип документа : Solution Всего страниц : 13 Текущая : 10

place it on the ground in front of you, if it falls in, it is not safe to walk
there, if it stands on it, you can proceed. I can't map that, as the swamp is
different for each person, and possibly each time. Just get out, its usually
not more than 7 or 8 steps. Once out of the swamp, first stop is going to be
west shanbar, that's on the above ground level of the map. Go first to the
mayor, and show him the Zorkian book (you got it from the Fool's Memorial),
he will translate a joke for you. Now go to Ms. Peepers (the schoolhouse) and
show her the book, she will tell you that Rebecca can translate it. Next stop
is back down below. Wander around until Rebecca shows up, and play her the
quote from Ms. Peepers about her being able to translate it, then show her the
book. Next off, go back to Witch Ita, and show her the book (if she's not
there, just wander around until she shows up again), and she will translate
one more joke. Then go to the blacksmith, and pay his fee, and he will
translate the last joke. Now go back to the Valley of the Vultures (Mountain
Pass, where you start the game) (remember just click anywhere on the map
now, and the vulture will bring you there). Click on the sign, and use the
knife to dig up the bonding plant. Now go back to the Cliffs of Depression.
Tie the rope to the tree, and climb down the side of the cliff and go into the
Comedy Club. Now playback the four jokes that the people just told you to
the audience. When you are done, Cliff will give you a disk piece. Now go to
the lighthouse. Give the keeper a piece of illuminyte, and show him your disk
pieces, he will give you the final piece. Go up to the top of the lighthouse
and tie the rope onto the railing using the cow-knot that Ben taught you.
Then tie the vulture talon onto the rope, and throw the rope across the river.
The talon will boomerang back and tie itself around the railing, and you will
have a nice rope bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the path to the Temple
Bel Naire. Take the shield from the statue, and go into the Temple. Show the
Holy Woman your sword and she will bless it for you. Now exit the Temple, and
turn around once. There will be a gateway in the right side of the screen,
follow that path to the dwarf camp. Talk to the Dwarven dudes, and they will
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