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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Resident Evil
Тип документа : Solution Всего страниц : 10 Текущая : 9

crank. Run down hall and enter the second boulder stretch. You don't
need to run from the boulder, just use the crank three times and enter
the room where the second doom book is.
44- Get second doom book and open. Get medallion. Go up the elevator
into the garden where the fountain is. Place medallions accordingly and
pick up herbs. Go down fountain and enter elevator. Go further down
the ladder and enter the room with the storage box. Exchange items, or
don't. Run across into the room. Kill zombies and go downstairs. Go
to the left into the computer room and login. Use JOHN for login and
ADA for password. Unlock door on B2 with password MOLE. Return
upstairs to the now unlocked room.
45- Run over to the panel and open it. Push the button and then get the
Lab key. Run back down into the lab and go to the door to use the lab
key on. Run across to the storage room and stock up on healing and save
the game. Exchange items--weapons and healing. Run out door and down to
the left to give power to the elevator.
46- Enter room. You don't have to kill the ceiling creatures. Just run
to the right and use the terminal there to give power to the elevator.
Run to the back of the boiler room and open door. Go down the corridor
to the right and enter the room with the triggering computer and the
circuit computer. Activate the elevator and run out of the boiler room.
47- Run over to the now operational elevator. Barry will join you and
follow story line. Kill Tyrant. It's easy if you just shoot and run.
Shoot and run. You'll probably never get hit, but try to kill him quick.
48- Barry and you will escape. After the elevator ride run to the
emergency elevator, All you should have to kill along the way are two
ceiling monsters and three zombies. Feel free to use bazooka and
whatnot to kill them quickly. Run out the emergency door. Barry will be
waiting for you. On your way you'll cross the storage box. Exchange
items-- all you need now is healing. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ONE SPACE EMPTY
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