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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Тип документа : Solution Всего страниц : 6 Текущая : 3

enter the room save the game, then enter the room where Thanandar is, and
talk to him , Kill him and the zombie guard. Look on the table for the
pitcher ,on the body of Thanandar you will find a red key. Go out ,upstairs
and in the temple, enter the open door, and use the key in the slot under
the crystal. You have found the crypt, go down and touch the light. When you
come out from there use again the key under the crystal. Chapter 3 (lower
city) When you arrive go straight on there is a place where you can save
your game at the bottom of some Junk , then enter the door ,cross the metal
bridge and speak with the woman. Enter the bar look at the show. Then enter
the door and speak with Delia. When she ask for a present give here the
disk(mirror),and speak more with her. Go out and look on the table for the
flask. Speak with the man at the bar. Pass the door and save the game ,pass
the other door and go right ,you will arrive to a boat, enter it. Now it's
time to meet Armal and play yang. After speaking with Armal give him a
weapon , and start the play . What can i tell you about the game is that the
trick is to occupy the angle square, but it's not easy, the computer is
plays real good ,so when you play try to look more to the diagonal row ,and
close every move of the computer. If you win you will get information. Go
outside ,cross the bridge and then turn right ,jump into the water and enter
the sewer. Kill the two guard , and at the end go up stairs and save game.
Now things are going to be very hard. Watch the movie. Kill the guard again.
Go on , Kill the other 2 guards, then go left over the small bridge. Kill
the big guard and examine , take the key and open the gate, you will find
Zed. Watch movie , then fight Zed. Go out and return where the 2 guards
where, if you look where all the barrel are you will find a hilt. Enter the
door and you will meat Sordov The boss , what can I say : Kill him
,examine body, and use the key on the box , you will find the pact between
Dorkhan , Sordov and Thanandar.On a barrel you will find some meet.
Tip: it's not easy to kill all this people especially Zed and Sordov,
so after a fight you can return to the save point and to town for some food
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