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Веселая ферма 3

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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: A - 10 TANK KILLER - manual
Тип документа : Hint Всего страниц : 45 Текущая : 39

Avenger vs. Maverick
Both weapons have the same purpose: To Kill Tanks. You'll have to decide
which to use on each attack run. The Maverick is easier to use. Select the
target you want on the TID, wait for LOCKED, and fire. The guidance system
will ensure the Maverick hits the target. The Maverick has greater range than
the Avenger cannon, however, you have fewer Mavericks than Avenger bursts.

If you pop up over a hill and there's a SAM staring at you, it's better to
take it out with the Avenger. Avenger shells are faster than a Maverick, and
in quick draws like this the Avenger comes out on top. Trying to quick draw
on a SAM with a Maverick is risky at best.

The Avenger is the most cost effective way to kill tanks. An Avenger burst
costs a fraction of a Maverick missile.

Although the A-10 was not designed for dogfighting, A-10 pilots do not
consider MiGs an unconquerable threat. At high altitudes the A-10 is at a
distinct disadvantage, but at low altitudes a MiG has a hard time manuevering.

When you spot a MiG, keep him in front of you. If you have a sidewinder, fire
it as soon as you achieve lock-on. At close ranges, you can try to hit the
MiG with an Avenger burst -- but this is very difficult. If you're out of
Sidewinder, mister you're in trouble. Your best chance is to stay low, drop
flares when necessary, and run toward the 'umbrella' of a friendly SAM. If
the MiG follows you into the 'umbrella', there's a good chance it will be shot

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