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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Road to India (Дорога в Индию)
Тип документа : Solution Всего страниц : 19 Текущая : 13

Use the directional arrows to manipulate the box and to open all
NINE of the sliding panels to successfully unlock the box.
The easiest way is to use one directional arrow at a time. Use
only the top arrow to roll the box, opening all the panels you can
on each of the THREE sides (except the front panel with the
emblem). After you've used the top arrow, use the bottom arrow to
roll the box the other direction, making sure you haven't missed
any small panels. Then use the left arrow and subsequently, the
right arrow, to turn the box each way horizontally, and open the
side panels. When you have all nine of them open, turn the box
back to the top (emblem carving) and click on the sun character.
Take the KEY.
Note: Some of the panels are more difficult to find, but I
tried all kinds of different manipulations and found no sequential
pattern; only that all the panels must be open to unlock the box.
1. Press top arrow and open 2 side panels
2. Press top arrow and open 3 bottom panels
3. Press left arrow and open 1 side panel
4. Press left arrow twice and open other side (1) panel
5. Press left arrow to resposition only
6. Press bottom arrow three times and open 2 panels
7. Press top arrow twice to reposition only
8. Press the sun carving on top of the box and take the KEY.
Leave the den and go out to the foyer again. If you turn left, you
can go check out the bathroom straight ahead. It's a nicely
decorated, simple, clean bathroom. And, there's absolutely nothing
in there that is of use to you. The other two doors in the alcove
under the stairs, are not accessible right now.
Go up the stairs. Turn left at the top and go to the door ahead of
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