Ой!Так, так, что у нас тут новенького?Ляляля ляляля ..
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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Road to India (Дорога в Индию)
Тип документа : Solution Всего страниц : 19 Текущая : 19

muffler or jack to temporarily flatten this guy too. Pick up the
KNIFE he drops. Go past him up the steps and turn right. You
should get an action cursor. Use the guard's knife to pry open the
grill work on the window. Enter.
Look down to see a circular pattern on the floor. Click on it to
open a hatch and go on down. You've been here before, right?
Go straight ahead; no lotus ponds in reality, are there? You
will shortly come to a dead end; a wall. Use your action cursor
and just click to open up the wall. Walk on through the doorway.
Swing right to see poor Anusha reposing on an altar. Talk to her.
Whoops! Shareef intervenes here, a very large hand gun at the
ready. Talk to him about everything. Learn that Shareef is going
to sacrifice Anusha to Kali in an attempt to restore Laj Vanti's
beauty, after she was accidentally burned in the market bombing
incident. The incident that Shareef perpetrated. Shareef intends
to "lead the Thugs to glory" with Laj Vanti at his side.
This guy, has a bad case of the crazies. Continue with all the
conversation choices until Laj Vanti comes to the rescue and is
subsequently fatally wounded.
That's the end, my friends! Shareef is captured. Laj Vanti has
gone to greater glory. Fred, Anusha and a coy Mr. Rat (if you
caught him) fly off to America and a new life ...happily ever
Congratulations! Great job!

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