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Веселая ферма 3

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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

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Part 1


CIRCUIT'S EDGE is a graphic adventure whose story is set (roughly) in 2702
A.D., in a city called Budayeen, somewhere in the Islamic world. You are Marid
Audran, a private detective. Budayeen is a seedy place full of unsavory
characters, and you're not exactly pure as new-driven snow either. Drug use,
sex, and drinking are favorite pastimes, and some inhabitants are really into
inserting chips in themselves to acquire various skills and personalities.
(Players of NEUROMANCER may detect some similarities here.) And you, being a
carefree, try-anything-once kind of guy, are into everything!

This game is in real time -- that is, the game clock keeps ticking away even if
you're just staring at the screen. Be sure to pause the game when you have to
leave for a short time. Certain game elements are sensitive to game time and
must be accomplished without breaks. These will be so indicated in the walkthru.
Saving the game is only allowed when you are in your own apartment; there is
only one save-game slot. When you are on a time-limited task, don't waste time
by returning to your apartment to save the game.

All commands for the game are chosen from menu bars at the top of the screen.
Although this type of interface is common to a variety of games, there are some
unusual features unique to this game. These features will be pointed out at the
appropriate spots in the walkthru.

You need the street map (north is at the top of the page) and the business
directory in the manual to travel. There is a small map window in the lower
right corner of the screen showing your immediate surroundings, to help you
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