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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Wing Commander: Privateer
Тип документа : FAQ Всего страниц : 10 Текущая : 1

The Complete Privateer Walktrhu
by MACHiNE GUNgsTeR of Blazing Aces NG!

Part I. Game Objectives.

Ok. Now that you installed all six discos (and maybe that three of Speech Pak)
and typed PRIV, you become a Privateer. For those who didn't launched game yet
I recommend to do so and view the introductory animation - it's quite impress-
ive. Later on you can skip it clicking either mouse button or pressing a key.
So, as I told, you are now a Privateer - a free space trader. Let's see what's
the epoque we're operate in.
The time is quite hot: the war against Kilrathi is still raging. No one can
feel himself safe enough even in humans' space - Kilrathi raiders can appear
anywhere. Although it's not your work to fight them as it was in Wing Comman-
der - you're not a soldier, you're free man and you can do whatever you want.
And you're not alone: in space and grounded you meet other privateers, pirates
and so-called Retros, who in fact are followers of so-called Church of Man.
The only thing you should know about Retros is that they hate new technology
that allowed humanity to reach stars and they use it only in aim to kill
"techophiles", as they call other people. You also can meet militia, who
guards lines against pirates, and confederation forces, who are in fact
military. This is your environment. And you can choose either way of decent
trade, or you can become a pirate.
This game looks quite unimpressive until you get to the start of storyline.
When you reached it, I think you won't stop until you go thru all of it. Many
fites, alien artifacts, misterious murders, finally an encounter with aliens
who're millions years older than Humans and Kilrathi - this is shortly what
expects you on your way. In this walkthru I tried to gather all information
... Далее >>

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