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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

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Солюшен не мой, а с какого-то сайта.
Только он на английском - русского не нашел.

DARK EARTH THE SOLVE Well, here I am for a new solve of a really great game.
Like ever I remember you that my solve it's only a way ,not the only way for
complete the game, and probably you can do more things. Tips of the
day: 1) It's really better to do the maximum install if you don't have
a 8-10x/cd(ok 300mg are a lot but if you can ,do it.) 2) Remember that the
Tab key changes the behaviour of Arkhan .(Aggessive= black
calm=wight) 3) Like you saw you can save only in some place , I will
tell you when. 4) Try to fight only with swords , you will need a lot of gun
power at the end of the game. 5) Remember to examine the body of your
victims ,for finding some thing useful. 6) You can kill everybody so keep
attention. 7) I suggest to use my solve only if you are stuck ,cause you
will lose a lot of the story of the game if you follow point after point the
way I put down. Chapter 1 (the beginning) So after waking up take the meat
near the bad ,and the uniform , and the sword.(tip: here is the first
place where you can save your game) Speak with Kalhi, then go to the door
,someone is knocking , is Zed. Outside you can follow Zed upstairs for
training (do it , it's a good way for prepare your self to all the next
battle.) Then go to the door where the solder is and speak to him he will
make you enter and you will first meet Dhorkan ,get the orders and go out
,then downstairs. There you can speak with 2 solders ,go on and near the end
of the hall you will find an other place for save your game. Outside turn
left , you will see your father and Lory speak ,then enter the building
(it's the temple), and speak with Jedar, go on the other side of the
door,(your guard place) and after some moment, you will hear some noise
inside the room ,it's time for your first fight, (so press c) and kill the
scum. Chapter 1 (the infection) Be quick or be dead, kill the guardian ,and
then speak with Thanandar, take the axe of the dead guardian, and go out.
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