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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: half-life:counter-strike 1.5
Тип документа : Cheats Всего страниц : 36 Текущая : 17

V (VIP escape point) - When a counter-terrorist or VIP is at the spot where the VIP must reach to escape, this icon will appear.

E (Terrorist escape point) - When a terrorist is at the spot where the terrorist can 'escape', this icon will appear.

Bomb - This will only be seen by a terrorist who is carrying the bomb in the bomb / defuse scenario. When the bomb carrier is within the bomb delivery zone, this icon will flash.

Defuse kit - The icon looking like a pair of wirecutters, will appear on the HUD of any CT player that has bought a Defuse Kit.

Scoreboard - Seen when pressing the score key (default key, tab). The scoreboard lists all the latest game statistics and player status. Information on the scorecard tells you who is dead or alive, who is carrying the bomb, player kills and deaths, latency and team scores.


Sound, Pros and Cons
Stealth is vitally important in Counter-Strike. When a player runs at full tilt (which is the default), their footsteps can be heard. To prevent this, use the walk key (see Controls, Walk) when trying to avoid detection. Also be wary of doors, ladders and elevators. These will often emit a sound that may give you or your enemies position away.
Life is Precious
Counter-Strike strives for realism. Running into a firefight all gung-ho will generally get you killed. The player can only sustain a few bullet shots before dying, depending on the type of gun (ammunition actually) being shot with, and the condition and presence of kevlar. There are also one hit kills in CS. Most guns can kill a player in one shot if they connect with the head. Savvy CS players, will take cover as often as possible and use their surroundings to their advantage. Working with your teammates to bring the enemy down is encouraged and necessary to beat the other team. Keep in mind, you only get one life per round in CS. If you die, you will be put into Observer mode until the round is over.

Know Your Gun
Counter-Strike has realistically modeled weaponry. If you run and fire at the same time, your accuracy will be horrible (changes with different guns), Standing still increases accuracy and crouching is even better. Also be aware of the guns recoil, holding down the trigger isn▓t as effective as short quick bursts. It is also important to know that all the rifles can shoot through walls to some extent. The Para Machine Gun, and the Desert Eagle Pistol can as well.

Map Voting System (New to beta6.5)
There is now a way for players to vote for maps. Players can type 'listmaps' to see the maps available to vote on, and then they type 'votemap X' where X is the corresponding number of the map. Only after a certain number of players have voted for the map which one player has started a vote on, will the sever change map.

Note: Server admins who want to add new maps must also add an entry into mapcycle.txt, that allows players to vote on any new maps.

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