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Веселая ферма 3

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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: half-life:counter-strike 1.5
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Game Flow

Prior to the round starting, there is a variable grace period (the server can change this, but it defaults to five seconds) during which players cannot move but may buy equipment and weapons. Each round of Counter-Strike lasts for five minutes. If neither team has won after this time the round is considered a win depending on the scenario:
- Hostage: If after the round ends and there is at least 1 player left on both teams, and not all the hostages have been rescued then the game will be a win for the terrorists.
- Bomb / Defuse: If the round ends, with the bomb having not blown up a target, and there is still at least 1 player left on both sides the CT's will win.
- Escape: If the round ends, with at least 1 player alive on both teams, and less than 50% of the terrorists have escape, the CT's will win.
- Assassination: If the round ends, with players left on both teams and the VIP has not reached the escape point, the terrorists win.

When a player is killed during a round they will enter an observer mode until the next round. While in observer mode, they can fly around the level and watch the action. There are three types of observer modes. The first is ghost mode, where the player can freely fly around the level unobstructed by anything. The second is locked chasecam. While in locked chasecam you will be locked behind the player you are observing. The third is freelook chasecam, in this mode you can freely swing the camera around the player you are observing. While in the observer modes you can use the jump key (see Controls, Jump) to switch between the three modes and the fire button (see Controls, Fire) to switch from one player to the next. If a player joins into a game when a round is already in progress, they will be immediately placed into observer mode until the current round ends.


The following is a list of he player controls, their default keyboard/mouse mapping and a description of what each does.
Default Key Mapping

Buy Menu
The main point of entry for the buying menus

Buy Equipment Menu (Optional)
Takes you directly to the equipment purchase menu
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