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Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

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Go U, R, then U. Climb U, the insect runs away. R, U, kill insect, R.
U, use teleporter.

A, shoot the purple dino once, then *immediately* climb up the
platform where Natalia stands. Run and jump onto the R platform, then
once more. Run one screen R.

Ignore the teleporter, R. Kill 2 dinos (nevermind that giant blue
bugger). R, kill 2 more. R, kill 3 pterodactyls. Climb down off the
edge carefully. Watch that tentacle creature - jump A and then
climb D.

L, D. The big pterodactyl catches your princess - shoot him asap!
L, D, D.

D. On the middle platform crouch and cut the rope. D. Use hook on rope.
Walk onto that boat, or she'll sail without you!

Talk to that dwarfy creature Tauron. He gives you a ball. U, R. Enter the caves.

R, kill 2 of those coughing buddies. Exit, make the girl follow you.
R, R, jump onto the head, then make girl throw her torch inside of it.

(If you need recharging - go one screen L, shoot the bats, U,
shoot some more bats, R, use ball on statue's mouth, U, R and
step onto the plate. Do *not* touch the green morphing blob though!
And don't forget to take out your ball as you leave.)

U, R. Insert ball into statue's mouth. U, L, U, L. Kill some more
of those bloody skeletons. Continue U until you find an exit to the
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