Ой!Так, так, что у нас тут новенького?Ляляля ляляля ..
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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

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surface. Make sure the gal follows you and climb out.

The Lost City.

R, do not drop down! Shoot the ptero. D, R.

R, use the tree lump to drag the triceratops' attention, R. The gal
warns you that you're about to enter The Lost City and no one had
ever came outta there alive. Sounds promising. :)

R. Kill a pair of those easy riders before they stick their
spears down your ass. R, R, kill 2 buggers who throw stones at
you. R, shoot one little but tough dino up there. Now all the way
L and make the girl follow you. Proceed R until you find a pit - drop
down there.

L, pull lever, D, L. While the gal stands on the plate the forcefield
is off, so you can recharge. R, D.

D, let the girl stand on the plate, walk ahead then stop on the next
plate to let the girl walk. D.

D, L, the girl stays on the plate. Step D and L onto the small platform.
As it starts to move down the caveman appears from somewhere and steals
your girlfriend. Let 'im go, it's the way it should be. D.

Pull the lever - you open the grate. D, pull another lever - the
mechanisms stop working (except one). U, pull lever up, D. Pull
lever again - it opens the second grate. Drop D and pull the lever
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