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Игра: Airlines
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it. The strike might be called of if you raise the salaries for the employees.
This is done in the finance function, and it might be considerable to do it if
you get a message about an employee meeting.

Company balance: This function will be very useful, because it gives the total
picture of how your company are doing. In this calculation all expenses and all
income are inserted. Even though all your airline routes give a profit, it might
not be enough to counterbalance the expenses for the company. Expenses like
salary and payoff to the bank will also have to be considered.

The green line in this function shows all the income for the company. The red
line shows all expenses and the yellow line shows the balance. In this function
it will at any time be possible to see if the company is giving a profit (If the
yellow line is above 0).

Overall standings: The overall standings shows the doing of all four companies
compared to each other. The overall standings are represents by bars where
green bar is the income, the red bar is the expenses and the yellow bar shows
the balance.

You will easily see how you are doing compared to your competitors.

6.1.9 Archive screen

The icon for the achive function shows an archive

The archive screen is designed as an archive. In the right side of the screen
there are four drawers, and on the left side there is a sheet of paper.

The four drawers contain the different events that have taken place during time.
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