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Веселая ферма 3

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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: HarryPotter&TheChamberOfSecrets(English)
Тип документа : Solution Всего страниц : 8 Текущая : 4

them back, thus trapping them with two spells to knock back, which they can never
manage. Note: Beware, just as you finish casting Flapendo (depending on
distance), you will be forced to use your Expelliarmus almost instantly.

Defeating Aragog
To defeat Aragog, the final big spider, use one of the strafe keys (A and D) and
the mouse. While strafing, click the Left Mouse Button repeatedly to keep hitting
the spider. It will not do much damage, but you will not get hit very often.

Defeating the Basilisk
Grab the sword, but do not attempt to hit it when you get the first chance. When
the basilisk gets very tall and green appears from its mouth, use the sword on
the black diamond on his chest while he is up. To do that, make sure you lock on
then attack. Continue to do this and he will be defeated soon. Note: Only attack
him while his head is far above the ground. You can use either Flipendo or
Incendio (recommended). Let get fully powered, aim at its scales (not its head)
and release the button. After five to ten hits, you should defeat it. Also, do
not touch the snake or let it touch you. If you do, you will be poisoned. Watch
out -- it will get mad and "stomp" to make the stalactites fall. After losing a
third of its health, it will start to shoot poison out of its mouth.

Defeating the Giant Mother Spider
To get to it, use your Lumos spell to light the floor and follow the trail of
spiders. Unlike the book, the spiders that are not normal size will try to kill
you. Attack them with Incendio. When fighting the Giant Mother Spider, do not try
to hurt the spider itself. Instead, use your Incendio spell to burn the web it
has attached to the various trees. When done, it will fall into the pit and you
will slip in after it. In here, just run around until it rears its head and
exposes its soft under-belly. It is the only part that is susceptible to second
level magic. Note: It is best to not charge and use rapid firing to get a little
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