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Веселая ферма 3
Веселая ферма 3

Сокровища Монтесумы 3
Сокровища Монтесумы 3

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Climb back out to the cradle.
Talk to Dai again and you will automatically give him the cup of milky coffee. He takes you down to ground level. (Or will do, eventually!!)

3. The Plush-Rest Factory Reception

USE Doors to open them.
WEAR (USE with picture of Kent) the T-SHIRT, to fool PRU.
Walk up to the Woman in the middle of the hall and talk to her. This gives you permission to go through the door at the far end of the hall. Do so. Turn to your right and go into the Hospitality niche. To enter USE Doors.
USE the Water Machine to get a white cup.
PICK UP the cup for later.
USE the Bizarre Sculpture (really a coffee machine) and a small cup of coffee will appear on the floor.
PICK UP the cup. (At this point there will be an animated sequence of Kent destroying the room because the coffee is hot, he drops it and blunders round the room!)
Tiddler (Boss man of test) will walk in and talk to Kent.

4. At the Plush Rest factory.

After the cut scene where Tiddler is seen to escort Kent into the factory we find Kent and Tiddler at the beginning of a conversation. The player should TALK to Tiddler about everything he can.
He will learn about, the running of the test department, the waste engineers, and something about the gadget he has found.
To get the debris go into the small toilet cubicle, stand on the armtidge and USE the grille in the roof.
You will now be in an air duct.
Negotiate this small maze-ette and find out where the DEBRIS is. PICK UP the DEBRIS, find your way back to the toilet.
PICK UP the BELT from in the duct while you are at it.
Put the debris on the bed next to the one that the striking tester is lying on. The WASTE ENGINEER will come and collect it and take it back to the grinder room.
You will realise that the Slumba Swift bed needs power if it is to work.
PICK UP the CURRENT SENDER from Tiddler's office and the CURRENT RECIEVER. Use SENDER with the BATTERY. USE the RECIEVER with the bare wire. The bed will now work.
Again USE the DEBRIS with the bed. This time the WASTE ENGINEER will come, but this time he will crash and burn.
You can now get into the grinder room.
USE the POWER BOX to turn off the GRINDERS.
USE one of the GRINDERS to go up the conveyer belt to the DUMPSTER.

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