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Веселая ферма 3

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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

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5. Meeting Heather.

A GDV will show the player crashing through a hatch in the ceiling of the hide-out, covered in little bits of foam, etc.
Heather will now talk to the player. She is playing a tape which sounds like a crowd of burly men who would like to kill you, all the time she is talking. She will turn it off when it is agreed that the player can join the group, after performing two task
Broadcast the tape of Brian.
Paint the "Sculpture" in the mint Mall.
Two new locations will be added to the map. The MINT MALL and The TV STATION.

4. The TV Station

There is a SECURITY GAURD on the steps of the building. He will deny entry to wonders within. If you attempt to walk in a GDV will show you flying out of the gate and on to the pavement beyond.
By TALKING to him you will discover that he makes many allusions to rats in his speech. Each time he does so he will twitch a little as if uncomfortable with the thought.
Go to the mall, in the thrifty fifty shop PICK UP the RUBBER RAT TOY and come back.
He will look a little flustered. By TALKING to the SECURITY GAURD you will learn that a real rat might do the trick. If you cast your mind back you will recall that there is one trapped in the washing machine back at the flat.
To open the door of the washer you need a BLOCK OF FROZEN FOOD, cos' it's heavy and tasteless.
To bring the BLOCK OF FROZEN FOOD from the mall to the flat without it melting you should wrap it in the TOWEL from the bathroom.
USE the FOOD on the WASHING MACHINE DOOR, it will now be broken.
You now need something to contain the RAT in for transportation. PICK UP the LITTLE BOX from the top of the micro wave in the kitchen.
Take the Rat to the SECURITY GAURD. Use the RAT and a GDV will be shown of the GAURD scarpering.
You can now enter the building.
Cross the main room to the office door. Go in and TALK to the receptionist on the left. She will allow you to talk to Mr. Johnson on the right. TALK to Mr. Johnson and he will eventually give you an ACCESS CARD.
Leave and walk down the hall to the security doors leading to the Control Room. Use ACCESS CARD on the SECURITY DOOR to gain access to the control room. USE VIDEO on TAPE MACHINE B to insert the tape.
Listen to the presenters chattering and watch the codes which flare up on the screen of the control CPU. You should learn that RUN VT A makes the tape of Saul's demise run. Logically then RUN VT B should get the tape of the rock god Brian Deluge on the ai
Unfortunately the CONTROL COMPUTER is password protected.
To get the password go and talk to the ELECTRONIC ENGINEER in one of the other offices, he is struggling to fix a computer.
The password is his middle name, this is on his badge. By talking to him you will learn that he will not divulge his name. Nor will he let you EXAMINE it.
You need to make the geeky geezer remove his shirt. Go back to the flat and USE the ACCESS CARD on the BEANS SPLAT. This will scrape a large amount off the wall.
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