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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Abuse (English language)
Тип документа : FAQ Всего страниц : 35 Текущая : 28

Requires: Shareware 0.33+

Title: Splunk
Author: Protobob
Requires: Shareware 0.33+

These levels are available for dcc from sciib0t on the irc #abuse channel.
Just type "!ls" to get a listing of files and "!get <filename>" to have
sciib0t send a file via dcc.

Multiplayer Levels

Because the net code has not been released to the public yet there are
probably few people that are working on multiplayer levels at this time.

Shareware modifications

Title: P-gore05
Author: Peldor
Desc: Patch to change the visual gore level observed when an ant

Commercial Add-Ons and Level Compilations

Currently no commercial products involving Abuse are available however Crack
Dot Com is releasing a CD-ROM in November chock full of new levels, add-ons
and new game games based on the Abuse game engine. Add-on authors can even
get their levels and add-ons included on the CD and will earn royalties
based on the quality of their product. Check out www.crack.com for more
... Далее >>

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