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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Abuse (English language)
Тип документа : FAQ Всего страниц : 35 Текущая : 31

There are no mailing lists as of yet. Firehawk of #abuse is looking into
starting one, however.

XIII. Where Can I Get Abuse?
Fingering [email protected] will provide you with a list of the latest binary
revisions and their respective FTP sites. If you can't remember the FTP
sites or cannot find the files you are looking for you can get Abuse and
Satan Paint from my FTP site at par0511.urh.uiuc.edu.

I will carry the latest versions of Abuse and Satan Paint for the various
platforms as well as this FAQ, documentation, tutorials and the best of the
best modifications and levels to please the masses but please do not
consider my system as a primary FTP site for these files. Try to find the
files elsewhere before consulting my site.

Please be aware that my site may not always be up.

As for the commercial release of Abuse you can get information on ordering
from Crack Dot Com by fingering [email protected] or by checking out Crack Dot
Com's web page at www.crack.com. The game will also be carried in stores but
most likely won't include the t-shirt that comes with the orders from Crack
Dot Com.

XIIII. Where Can I Get Satan Paint

The latest version of Satan Paint (v1.4) is available from the following
FTP site:

... Далее >>

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