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Веселая ферма 3

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Сокровища Монтесумы 3

Игра: Abuse (English language)
Тип документа : FAQ Всего страниц : 35 Текущая : 8

fires considerably faster than an unloaded laser rifle. The laser rifle
does not care whether the rifle ammo count is 1 or 1000 -- it will still
fire at the same rate.

Grenade Launcher

This weapon launches grenades in a realistic parabolic arc. Realistic that
is if you ignore the fact that the game world would have to be a vacuum in
order for the trajectory of the grenade to be that perfect. You will
probably be too busy watching the pretty explosions inflict your opponents
with massive damage to notice anyway.

Guided Missle Launcher

The guided missle launcher is Abuse's version of the second most popular
weapon in Doom (the shotgun is almost unarguably the favorite weapon of
Doomaholics everywhere). The highly manueverable missles that this weapon
launches will follow your opponent to the ends of the Earth. That is, if
you don't overshoot.

Firebomb Rifle

You might have a hard time distinguishing this weapon from a flamethrower.
However, this weapon is projectile based an produces a trail of flaming
particles that follow each other like the cars of a train. Since the
weapon is particle based, the projectiles _are_ affected by gravity and
you do not have to fire straight at an opponent in order to hit them.

Plasma Gun

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